Things to note for the end of tenancy cleaning

The cleaning that is needed at the end of tenancy is not really the most exciting task, but it also cannot be avoided. You certainly have a choice in this matter: you can carry out the work yourself or hire professionals for end of lease cleaning in Melbourne. Now, this is one decision that depends on a number of factors, like how much time you have in hand, how close you live to the property, and so on. If you can arrange for the basic equipment and have enough spare time, then you can conduct the cleaning yourself. But, that is not the case for most people, and so, hiring professional cleaners seems to a popular option.

The checklist for end of tenancy cleaning

The property has to look clean for the new tenants of the place. It has to look sparkling from top to bottom. Even then, there are certain key areas that need your special attention. Here is a compilation of the most important areas of the house to make sure your end of tenancy cleanup goes well.

The equipment needed: If you are doing it yourself, you will at least need basic equipment like upholstery cleaner, a proprietary cleaning liquid, rags and clothes, and spray bottles. Hiring a cleaner would mean they would bring all these and more with them. So, you wouldn’t have to worry.

Walls: Check if there are scuff marks on the walls. If these cannot be rubbed off, you will have to repaint the wall.

Doors: Ensure that all the doors and handles are clean. You should also check if the locks are working properly.

Windows: Windows need to get cleaned inside and out. You might need to hire professional window cleaners for cleaning out the exterior windows.

Ceilings: Extendable brooms are the best tools for cleaning the ceilings and removing those cobwebs from the corner of the rooms.

Fittings and fixtures: Dust off and polish the light fittings and sockets. Keep in mind that you will have to take measures for ensuring that the upholstery is stain free.

Carpets: Carpets need to be deep cleaned and that needs special equipment and steam cleaners. Hire professional carpet cleaners to get those cleaned before moving out.

Check all the rooms: Now that you have ticked off rest of the points from your checklist, check all the rooms individually to make sure you have not missed out anything.

Other important areas for you to consider

There are a couple of other areas that you need to concentrate on as well when carrying out an end of tenancy cleaning. For instance, as the windows have to be cleaned inside out, you will have to hire professional cleaners because the exterior windows might be unreachable. You will have to call the painters if those scuff marks on the walls are not washable and need to get painted. Using paints of the same color can help in covering scuff marks.

You need to check the curtains too. You can definitely dry clean the curtains, but check their label to see if they are machine washable. The curtain rods will also need dusting and maybe even buffing. Finally, there’s all the furnishing that need to be vacuum cleaned and you might also consider a dry wash to do away with the grime and stains.

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