Natural and Effective Remedies for Dull and Damaged Hair

With so many health and beauty products out there to give your curls gloss and bounce or to repair damaged strands, it can be difficult to determine which ones are best. Do you want the product that’s the most cost-effective? More expensive and luxurious? And just how healthy are all of these creams and sprays for your hair? Sometimes, certain products can give your hair a nice sheen at the cost of its overall health.

When you have dull or damaged hair, you don’t need to use man-made chemicals to restore the health of the hair strands. There are natural and effective products available that you can use, or alternatively, you can mix and make your own homemade hair care substances. Natural remedies also have the advantage of being good for the environment.  Here are some natural and effective remedies you can incorporate into your daily beauty routine and diet to have healthy hair.

Improve Your Daily Diet with Additional Fruits and Vegetables

To improve the strength and appearance of your hair, you should consume a nutritious daily diet that includes eating an assortment of fruits and vegetables. You probably already knew that vegetables and fruits were important, but they do more than help you trim your body fat. Certain vegetables help hair growth and nutrition, like spinach, berries, avocados, and sweet potatoes. Your body also needs protein that is available in plant-based foods that include beans or nuts. Some other foods that help hair growth include eggs and fatty fish. Don’t forget to eat foods that contain calcium along with consuming healthy whole-grain foods. These will naturally strengthen your body, which will strengthen your hair as well.

Drink More Water Each Day

When you aren’t drinking enough water, it will begin to affect your hair, leading to a dry scalp and dull-looking hair strands. Begin drinking more water to see a difference in the way that your hair looks within a few weeks. If you carry a bottle of water with you, then you are more likely to drink more, helping your hair to look luxurious. Dehydration halts hair growth and will cause an itchy scalp. Try to drink at least two liters a day. Water not only hydrates you, it also triggers a transmission of energy from your scalp to your roots that prevents problems like dandruff. And of course, like eating the right food, drinking the proper amount of water promotes vigorous hair growth and healthy strands.

Stop Using Hair Care Products that Are in Bottles

If you are worried about adding additional plastic bottles and tubes to the landfills throughout the world, then look for hair care products that are in solid form. This cuts back on the need for plastic containers, and they often contain more product per inch than liquid products, which are mostly water. There are high-quality shampoo bars made from organic substances, and these products can be formulated for particular hair types, including dry, normal or oily. You can also order conditioner bars to improve the appearance of your hair. Shampoo and conditioner bars also have less binding agents to make for a smooth liquid or gel, since they don’t use liquid at all. This means you’ll be putting less chemical binding agents in your hair, and more of the stuff that keeps your hair clean and healthy.

Make Your Own Deep-Conditioning Hair Treatments

To improve your hair’s health, you should deep condition it occasionally, but you don’t need to buy products at the drugstore. There are easy ways to make your own hair treatments with simple ingredients that include using the juice from fresh lemons combined with olive oil and water. Apply this to your wet hair before placing a shower cap on your head. After 20 minutes, you can rinse this mixture from your hair before washing and conditioning it. Consider looking up DIY homemade deep conditioners before shelling out unnecessary cash on hair products.

Benefits from Natural Hair Care

The benefits of natural hair care include not needing to worry about the exposure to artificial dyes, fragrances or preservatives that are often absorbed by your skin and hair. Ready-made organic hair products are often packaged in recyclable or biodegradable containers. If you are willing to explore your options and change your lifestyle, you will find it easier to have naturally healthy hair without all the products and creams. So look into these natural, healthy ways to maintain your hair, and say goodbye to those dull and damaged strands.