5 Styling Secrets for Fabulous Fall Family Photos

When you are ready for your family’s annual autumn photography session, you will want everyone to look their best. Follow these styling secrets to understand how everyone in your family can look fabulous in photographs.

Choose Garments in Solid Colors

Solid colors look better in photographs, especially when there are several individuals in the photograph. At the same time, you won’t want all of the individuals in the photograph to blend in with each other, and you also won’t want to have clashing colors in the photographs. Talk to your family about the best colors of shirts, slacks and dresses to wear in the photographs.

Choose a Great Location

If you want autumn-themed family photographs, then you should choose a great outdoor location, including a park that has brightly colored leaves or a pumpkin patch. You can also find a scenic apple orchard or a farm where there is a hay wagon and horses. Alternatively, you can find a professional photography studio where there are backdrops with an autumn theme.

God is in The Details

When you have family members wearing neckties, you won’t want the items to blow around in the wind or look crooked down the front of a shirt. Use an invisible tie stay for everyone that wants to wear a tie in your family. These devices will keep a traditional necktie in place without looking noticeable in a photograph, and the items are easy to use. Made with small magnets, you won’t need to worry about making any holes in a necktie or a shirt. You’ll want to make sure that you take extra bobby pins with you to secure hair in place that keeps flying around. Bring safety pins to pin sweaters and blouses if they keep opening so they can look their best for the picture.

Pack Dressy Garments for Younger Children

Don’t expect a toddler to remain clean while traveling to another location for a photography session. Pack extra clothing in a diaper bag or a suitcase so that you can have your toddler change clothing right before taking the autumn-themed photographs. Have them change at the location, not in the car and hours beforehand.  In addition, bring along baby wipes or a wet washcloth so that you can clean a child’s face and hands for the photography session.

How to Control Hair in the Photographs

On a windy autumn day, it is easy for everyone to have messy hair, so you should bring along hair spray. Look for hair spray that is fragrance-free so that you can use it on males and females to keep each hair strand in place. Someone with longer hair may want to consider using a hairstyle that pulls the hair away from the face while it is controlled with a hair accessory.

Do-it-yourself or Professional Photographer

You can decide whether you want to have a relative or a friend take the photographs, but you can also decide to hire a professional photographer. However, if these are going to be printed you should consider getting a photographer that knows what they are doing. These are going to become timeless mementos in the years to come, so you want to make sure that the pictures are the best quality possible.
Whatever you do for your family pictures, remember that capturing genuine smiles and moments are what will end up being the best memento of all. Have fun and keep expectations realistic if there are babies and children in the picture. Don’t be afraid of splitting your sessions and having pictures of each kid individually as well as a group shot. It may seem like a chore at the moment, but they are never regretted. Even when they turn out silly, they are always nostalgic once everyone grows up. Braces, zits, weight and all. Don’t put it off.