5 Must-See Water Parks in South Carolina

While the United States has countless destinations for amazing resorts and water parks, you can experience something different by going to none other than the Palmetto State. The water parks of South Carolina can easily compete with the rest of the states. So, you better get ready and take the family on a fun and memorable experience with these top water parks in South Carolina because nothing beats the hot weather than a cool splash of a nearby pool. 

1.   Family Kingdom Amusement Park, Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer, especially when it comes to your wet and wild party requirements; enough to take another spot on the list with Family Kingdom Amusement Park. It is a seaside amusement park along Ocean Boulevard, with 37 rides and amenities for all guests. You can see family rides, water slides, thrill rides, and even go-kart tracks. 

It also features a figure-eight wooden roller coaster named the Swamp Fox as an overall amusement park. The ride runs over 2,400 feet of track and goes up to a height of 75 feet that is named after the famous hero from the American Revolution.

The Splashes Oceanfront Water Park has also has a lazy river, a couple of water flumes, and eight slides designed for children. It is known as the main attraction for your water-soaked fun. A leading travel and dining website, TripAdvisor, once named Family Kingdom and Splashes Rank 5 in its Top 10 amusement parks outside Orlando, Florida.

2.   Wild Water & Wheels, Surfside Beach

Wild and Water & Wheels in Surfside beach is the best choice for you if you are after an afternoon of going wet and wild with a little track racing on the side. You can choose from any of its 33 exciting rides – from high- speed tubular slides, flumes, a wave pool, and even waterfalls. The family can also enjoy a bumper boat ride, race track cart racing, and a miniature golf course for an all-around fun experience aside from the exciting water-based fares.

There are also mat slide experiences in this water park attraction. You get to feel that adrenaline rush as you slide in high speed down to the pool below in Head Rush while their Wild H20 Racer has become quite the popular activity as guests get to race against three others in this four-lane slide with a couple of steep descents, ramps, near-vertical rolls, and drops. 

The Speed slides like the Triple Dip lets visitors experience the rush of water and the wind through them as they pass through what appears to be a long, nerve-wracking experience with its three sharp dips, on the other hand, the SideWinder will toss you from one side to another with this long and winding slide. You can also experience the Free Fall Cliff Dive that definitely won’t disappoint you for something a little on the extreme. Imagine a body- only slide to send guests down up to speeds of 45 miles per hour through a tubular tunnel ending in a near-vertical drop. 

3.   Myrtle Waves Water Park, Myrtle Beach

Tourists and even locals are drawn to visit Myrtle Beach to enjoy this water park over the past few years. The Palmetto State’s largest water park boasts more than 8 hectares of area filled with over 30 water slides, curves, pipe chutes and more than 1.2 million gallons of water for guests of all ages to enjoy. 

There’s a large children’s area and a water playground that kids can definitely enjoy all day long at the Saturation Station. The station features a huge volcano, a couple of slides for children and limitless sprays and fountains of water to enjoy. You can also find other kid-friendly attractions including the Bubble Bay, a leisure pool 7,000 feet long with bubble jets dotted along the edges where the water depths in this pool only range from six to eighteen inches. 

You can also try the challenge of the water park’s Turbo Twister, for a more exhilarating adventure. In this, you will take a 10 story climb only to begin a rapid descent in one of the three tubular slides more than 350 feet long. The Arooba Tooba is also one of the park’s novelty attractions that you should not miss. It takes guests through a whirl around a closed flume for a few times and ends with a fun splash in the center drop.  

4.   Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Waterpark, North Charleston

The Whirlin’ Waters Adventure Park is also another massive resort intended for the whole family to enjoy. It has 15 acres of seasonal, island-style fun to offer. 

The Big Splash Tree House offers a big splash of fun with almost 70 interactive features – movable pinwheels, body slides, water and bubble jets, and an absurdly large bucket capable of dumping a thousand gallons of water that lives up to its name. There is also Lily Pad Lagoon, for the toddlers where they can enjoy shallow water pool safe for small kids with added geysers which spray water every now and then. Where the kids that are little taller can have their share of fun at the Otter Bay with its six-lane slide and around ten more features for them to enjoy.

There is also called the Tubular Twister that is known as one of the central attractions in Whirlin’ Waters. You can go whooshin’ down three hundred feet of near-vertical slides through a variety of twists and turns and get with cool water spills. 

5.   The Orangeburg County YMCA, Orangeburg

Located within the Midlands region of South Carolina is the Orangeburg County YMCA. This can be considered as a family-friendly destination as there are a couple of activities for the family like therapeutic pools, a fitness center and gymnasium, as well as a natatorium. Though the waterpark is the attraction with most visitors, it is only open during summertime.

In the water park, there’s a lazy river that is available for people who prefer to lounge around and float. Visitors of all ages can take their pick on the various slides and features of the water park. There are various Family Fun Slides – a Bowl Slide, the Spider Spray, Group Pavilion, and a Zero Depth Pool. Guests can take a bite and quench thirst in their fully- stocked snack bar afterward. For members of the YMCA of Columbia, the admission is free but for the guests, the fee starts at just 4 USD for guests below 4 feet and 8 USD for guests 4 feet and above.