Gun Care Essentials: How to Clean and Store a Semi-Automatic

Maintenance is an important part of being a gun owner. If you own a semi-automatic weapon, you need to know that you’re able to keep it in working order. Below are a few simple steps to follow in order to ensure that you properly maintain your semi-automatic.

Always Start with Unloading

One of the most important rules of gun ownership is treating every weapon like it’s loaded until such a point as you’re completely sure that it’s not loaded. The most important step you’ll take when you clean a semi-automatic of any type is ensuring that the gun is unloaded – remove the magazine, check the chamber, and inspect the weapon from back to front in order to ensure that it’s clear.

Properly Disassemble the Gun

Your next step is going to be to strip the weapon. Depending on the gun you bought, you will have to remove specific parts in order to ensure a thorough cleaning. May guns sold at sites like will have step-by-step instructions included for how to assemble and disassemble easily found online for each particular model type. Remember, you don’t actually want to disassemble the gun any more than you absolutely have to – doing so will make it harder for you to put the gun back into working order.

Use the Right Tools

When you clean your semi-automatic, you’ll need certain tools. It’s recommended that you have a dedicated cleaning rod and patches made to fit your weapon. You should also pick up a bore brush and the right kinds of lubricant to ensure every moving part in your gun is actually in working order. Getting the right tools isn’t actually that tough, but make sure that you actually use them every time you clean your gun.

Use a Hardshell Case

There are plenty of ways to store a gun, but it’s important that you choose a hardshell case in order to improve the lifespan of your semi-automatic. Hardshell cases are superior to softshell cases because they are better at absorbing impact and ensuring that your gun doesn’t suffer damage when it’s dropped or jostled. While hardshell cases might cost more, they’re ultimately a better investment because they help your gun to stay functional for a longer period of time.

Always take care of your semi-automatic. Get the right tools, make sure the gun is unloaded, and disassembled the gun as necessary. When you’re done, store it in a hardshell case to limit damage when it’s being moved or in storage. If you can follow this advice, you’ll get better performance out of your weapons.