The Old Scars Are A Definite Thing Of The Past

The moment your skin is prone to injury, it forms a protein in the form of a collagen. When a skin is burnt or cut the process of healing is termed as acne. The moment skin does an effective job on cleaning and closely the wound scars tend to emerge that are visible marks. Among all the cosmetic issues scars are the most difficult to be dealt. Though it seems to be easy in getting rid of scars, the old ones are really hard to eradicate. There are a host of home based remedies that promise results, but they lack scientific evidence to substantiate the claims.

The scar type has an important role on how quickly the scar heals. The type of injury that you are suffering is it in the form of acne or burn has a role to play.

How to prevent scars

The best way to prevent a scar when a wound heals is to keep off the scar. The manner by which the wound heals can have an impact on the scar. Though you cannot avoid certain types of scars you can reduce their appearance.  Apart from the use of no scars face wash with neem extract you can follow the below remedies.

  • The area is to be kept clean- for minor scrapes and cut you can use mild soap and water. This remedy has to be adopted at least once in a day
  • Do not allow it to dry out- studies point to the fact that a moist environment ensures healthy tissue formation as it helps to deal with scar formation
  • Using a sunscreen and protective clothing when you step out- The powerful rays of the sun can darken the appearance of a scar. An individual should ensure that the scar has to be protected before and after healing.
  • Stitches have to be removed as per the advice of a doctor- if you wait for a long time or even remove the stiches before the wound heals can have an impact on the healing process.

The health care experts suggest that you can apply petroleum jelly and cover the area with a bandage till the point it heals.  This prevents formation of a hard scab ensuring that a scar could appear a lot likely.


The appearance of a scar can have an impact on the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual. All the more so when it appears on a visible area like the face. You can opt for no scars neem extract facewash for pimples that is a popular remedy.

Though the use of home remedies is not going to remove a scar completely. Because of the potential risk in terms of side effects low to moderate types of treatment can be considered.

When the scar is a lot severe you can discuss with your dermatologist or have a consultation with your plastic surgeon. Viable treatment measures include steroids, lasers or other treatment measures.  Though most of the home remedies that are listed are available for online purchase.