4 Ways Dubai Diversified Over The Years

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Traveling to Dubai is a memorable experience for every traveler. From shopping to impressive landscapes and sky-scrappers, Dubai has everything for everyone. Today, Dubai stands along-side New York, Singapore, and Tokyo when it comes to travel and tourism. Here are the ways how Dubai went from being a small town to the biggest hub for trade, investment, and tourism in the world.

1. Ministry Of Happiness – Dubai

The Ministry of Happiness in Dubai was created in 2016 with a very simple aim – to make Dubai happier. The mission of this ministry is to spread happiness and positivity in an overall lifestyle that will benefit tourism and local lifestyle. Led by Ohood Al Roumi, the minister of happiness has put in exceptional efforts to make Dubai the happiest city on the planet.

2. Unions

The alleged violation of human rights has been a dark spot on Dubai’s reputation and at the same time one of the biggest concerns of the government over the last few years. Many local workers were known to live in “Inhumane” conditions for years and Dubai was also criticized for human rights violation. The permission to start unions was granted in 2016 to Dubai and since then the city is taking baby steps towards the betterment of nationals as well as expats and addressing these alleged violations brilliantly.

3. Increasingly High GDP

The GDP has shown exceptional growth over the last few decades, partially due to economic diversification and partially due to high investment rates in the country. From the economy that was once trade-centric, to now becoming an economy that relies on real estate investments, tourism, and many such areas, Dubai has seen an exceptional increase in overall GDP. Among the best real estate investment options in Dubai are Arabian Ranches Villas for sale, Dubai Marina apartments for sale and JLT apartments for rent.

4. Economy Diversification

Being a Middle-eastern city, Dubai mostly relied on its oil reservoirs and the economy was majorly trade-centric, but this is not the case today anymore. The reduced dependence on oil is one of the major factors to prove how Dubai has kept on diversifying over the last few years. This economy diversification has brought tremendous opportunities for better financials and a better economy. This resulted in Dubai being one of the best destinations for tourism in terms of world-class shopping, ancient and religious attractions and breath-taking views.