The Relationship Between Marketing & Human Resources

Running a successful business can be extremely challenging. The main goal you should have as a business owner is putting the best possible team in place – and keep it satisfied and productive! Chasing and hiring the best workforce opportunity became easier than ever with applicant tracking systems. Depending on your company’s expertise, you can choose among different systems that can help during hiring new employees on

Nearly 85 percent of all human resources professionals claim that employee retention is one of their biggest challenges. Attracting and keeping top talent is only possible with effective internal marketing strategy.

Most business owners fail to realize the correlation between their marketing efforts and the success of their human resources department. The following are some of the things you need to realize about the relationship between marketing and human resources.

The Power of Employer Marketing and Branding

The only way your HR department can do their job is by adding new employees. If you are like most business owners, finding the best and brightest in your industry is a top concern. Some newcomers to the world of small business fail to realize just how many options modern applicants when it comes to where they can work.

The best way to ensure you attract the best candidates for your job openings is by building your brand and promoting these listings. While using traditional job boards to post your openings is a good idea, you will also need to utilize the power of social media.

Millions of people use social media on a daily basis. By putting information about your job openings on websites like Facebook and LinkedIn, you can increase the number of quality applicants you get. Your human resources team will be thrilled at the opportunity to work with experienced and highly motivated new employees. This is why pulling out all of the stops when attempting to find the right team members is so vital.

Taking Training and the Building of Company Culture Seriously

Some business owners fail to realize that hiring great employees is only the first step in their brand building journey. The only way you can bring your new employees up to par on what you are doing is by investing time and money in internal marketing. A new employee needs to know all they can about the products and services your business offers. This is why doing things like providing them with samples of these items can be so beneficial.

Providing team members with quizzes and other tests to assess their knowledge of your industry and particulars about what your business does is also a good idea. Most human resource information systems provide business owners with an opportunity to develop custom training materials for their team.

Developing a unique path forward for each employee is a great idea. The best way to create this path is by assessing what a person’s weaknesses and strengths are. With the results from the quizzes you give, you can point out any skill gaps that may be present. Gearing an employee’s training towards fixing these problems is the only way to help them grow with your company.

A Successful Business is Not Created Overnight

Newcomers to the world of business ownership fail to realize how difficult it can be to achieve the goals they have set. Instead of getting impatient when it comes to growing your company, relax and focus on putting the right team in place. Achieving success is much easier when you have a team of passionate and loyal employees.