Places You Can’t Miss Out In Dubai

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Dubai has been among the world’s fourth place to visit that is famous for fine spas and resorts collection, architectural wonders, entertainment and business hub. This city has never stopped growing and is rising rapidly by building towers and attractive views. In spite of all this Dubai is filled with cultural views, entertainment, picnic spots, aquatic world and many more. If you are buying JVC Apartment for rent than here are the top places to visit. You must bookmark and pay a visit while living in JVC apartments:

Miracle Garden:

It is the most fascinating tourist attraction with a variety of flowers. You can sniff the natural fragrance of flowers everywhere in this miracle garden. Once you pay a visit you will definitely admire the beauty of this place.

Traditional Dubai Town:

Bastakia is the place in Dubai located on the side of Al-Fahidi district and Dubai creek. This is an ideal spot to walk along and explore the neighborhood. You can have an interesting insight of Arabian culture here. Here you can explore the wooden houses, wind towers, wooden doors and the most important white mosque which adheres the beauty of this place. Bastakia offers a dither feeling to nature lovers. This old town is open on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 10:30 – 12:00 pm.

Deira Souk:

The largest gold market Deira Souk is an ideal destination located near Dubai creek. Tourists enjoy visiting this place having an architectural design of wooden archways. This market has a variety of gold displayed on window side that grasps the attention of visitors.

Aquatic Zoo:

The underground aquatic zoo is another attractive spot for both residents and tourists. It provides insight into different kind of marine species. It has fascinated the tourists having 140 different kinds of aquatic species. For adventure, you may opt shark diving and cage snorkeling activities. The elders and leisure can take glass-bottom boat tours.  These actives will be memorable lifelong.

Global Village:

It is the place to visit with family and friends for having fun, shopping and enjoying food.  As the night falls, this village is lightened up with colorful bulbs that offer exciting ambiance. It has a variety of pavilions each of them offering cultural insight of different countries. You can buy different traditional clothes and antiques from different pavilions. You will definitely be entertained by spending a night here enjoying shopping, food, and stage shows, etc.