Effective Ways to Unlock a Jammed Door Lock!

Jammed Door Lock

Sometimes you just can’t control the events that take place and all you could think of doing in such situations is keep your calm. Patience is the key! Locks can behave strange sometimes and we totally understand this, it’s very much casual and happens all the time. Instead of losing your minds and throwing yourself up with all your energies to unlock the jammed door lock won’t do much of a help unless you decide to understand the whole situation. Let’s take a look at what could be done to unlock such jammed door locks.

Lubricate The Lock

Try and coat your lock key with powdered graphite or spray and insert it into the key hole. This may sound crazy but graphite works as a lubricant to unjam the cylinders that have become clogged with dust debris. Make sure you jiggle the graphite powder covered key inside the keyhole so that it lubricates the lock dome. Try opening the jammed keyhole several times to let graphite reach the insides and do the trick of unjamming the jammed lock.

Look for the key

Check out for the key, whether you are using the right key or not! Sometimes in order to unlock a door, we almost miss on the fact that the key that we are using for unlocking the lock is actually not the one for the lock. Make sure you check if you re using the right key for your jammed locks.

Play A Mechanic

Become a mechanic for a while and try and figure out what’s wrong with the lock. Try and remove the entire plate that covers the lock and see if there are any screws left to get tightened up. Turn them clockwise to tighten the screws which will eventually help the cylinder to re align with the locking mechanisms inside. Try and jiggle the handle once more to try your luck, you never know your jammed lock might get unlocked.

Try and apply a little kerosene to the lock just in case its turned rusty and that’s the reason behind it getting jammed.

Call A Locksmith

If none of the above mentioned tricks work and you are unable to unlock your jammed lock, it’s about time you called a locksmith Chicago for the help. They are professional and have all the necessary equipments with them. They know how to unlock any type of locks without doing any harm to the exteriors and interiors. They can get the unlocking job done swiftly. With their latest tools and techniques they can handle any type of lockouts without leaving any damage to the lock. Get your jammed lock emergency solved in minutes with their help..

To Conclude,

These are few of the ways that could help you in opening up the jammed locks. The best way to avoid such situation is to keep your locks lubricated and well managed keeping any type of unwanted lockouts at bay.

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