5 Questions To Ask During A Home Walkthrough

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A walkthrough is the last chance for you to confirm if everything you need is in the right order and the way you want it whether you opt for one of Dubai Marina Apartments for rent or are buying an apartment in Palm Jumeirah Dubai. This is the day a potential buyer sign a stack of documents and freeze the deal with no more back-and-forth to the seller. Hence, being prepared beforehand is the key to the successful walkthrough and we are here to guide you how.

  1. Are All Repairs Done?

If you had requested any repairing at the time of home inspection, now is the time to make sure they are done are up to the mark. A lot of sellers try to save money by taking this responsibility on themselves and opting for cheaper solutions to save cost. Make sure the repair is done by a known vendor, so you don’t have to spend more in additional work.

  1. Are All Warranties And Maintenance Guides Present?

Make sure the seller has left behind all warranties and maintenance guides and schedules of all appliances at home. This goes for all installed features as well that are still under warranty like decks, windows, etc. Ideally, the seller should leave a stack of all necessary guides on appliance maintenances but even if they don’t, note it and get back to them to fetch it.

  1. Is Everything Mentioned In Sale Contract Present?

You must have agreed to a certain list of what and what not to include in the sale at the time of sales agreement. Go through the list of items you agreed to pay for at that time. Make sure everything you paid for is present in the home and everything not included in the contract is out of home.

  1. Is Everything In Working Condition?

You must have checked it during home inspection, but it is the last chance to make sure that everything is working and in optimal condition. If there are still any fixtures required, now is the best time to notify the seller and get it fixed.

  1. Is The Home Hygienic?

As a buyer, your requirement of having a clean home is justifiable. Observe the floors, walls, ceilings and other corners of the home so you spare yourself a deep cleaning cycle after you make a move.