5 Must-Have Wedding Accessories for the Nontraditional Bride

Many people are familiar with the image of a bride decked all in a white with a lengthy veil trailing behind her. While you might also known of this vision, you may be trying to actively avoid tradition on your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for a totally nontraditional soiree or one with hints of rebellion, you can integrate some accessories into your look to show your individual bride style.

Elements of Color

Growing up, you might have thought that brides needed to wear all white. While that style certainly is the traditional and widely common one, you can add in pops of color as an untraditional bride. You might want to opt for a dress that totally defies the tradition of white, or you may prefer more subtle elements. For example, you could wear brightly colored shoes, or you may wish to have stunning gems of different shades sewn onto your gown.

Hair Pieces

Although many brides choose to wear a veil, you don’t need to. Look into exotic feathers or jewels for your hair can certainly make a statement. You may want a tiara with colored stones in it or even a fancy hat. Once you select a hairpiece, it’s important to bring this item to your trial with the hairstylist. In other words, you want to make sure the piece will work with your intended hairstyle for the day.

Multiple Piercings

While your family members might suggest that you take your piercings out for the day, think of how you can use earrings and other piercings to really make a statement. Wear all of your earrings and body piercings, adorning these spots with fancy jewelry. You can even buy online diamonds to complete your sophisticated, stunning and unique wedding look.

Sewn-on Patches

If you like to make political or social statements or other type of commentary, look for patches that you could have sewn onto your dress. As you’re walking down the aisle in front of people whom you care about deeply, you can also display your pride in causes that mean the world to you. If you’re choosing to make a donation in lieu of a gift, you could even wear the patch of your intended charity.

Shoes and Bags

Wearing colored shoes is certainly one possibility, but you may even want to opt for sneakers. Whether you change into a pair of sneakers at the reception or wear them for the entire celebration, you’ll certainly stand out even more. You could also look into a funky bag to wear on your shoulder as you walk around the reception hall and greet your guests.

When you want to be an nontraditional bride, you have so many options in the modern world. You can add in little touches or make your entire outfit nontraditional.