The Benefits of Telemedicine

In this day and age, the electronic device we hold in the palm of our hand can do just about anything we need. From checking your bank account balance to ordering dinner for your family, advances in technology have created accessible ways for us as humans to complete everyday tasks with a simple tap of the finger.

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that at some point or another you’ve used your phone or tablet to complete one of the tasks mentioned above. However, did you know that you can also receive routine check-ups and order prescriptions through a licensed medical professional via your mobile device? This service, also known as telemedicine, allows healthcare professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients without an in-person visit. Telemedicine is beneficial not only to those in rural areas but also to individuals with mobility issues who may have a hard time getting to and from a doctor’s office for an appointment.

In order to make healthcare accessible for individuals of all walks of life, including those without insurance, many companies are offering telemedicine options to their patients. Hers, a female health and wellness brand, provides women an opportunity to speak with a qualified physician who is licensed to practice in their state. The company’s online platform is complete with doctors who are ready to answer questions at any time. Upon diagnosis, these doctors can prescribe the patients with medications, such as birth control, which will then be shipped directly to their door free of charge.

This same idea can be found behind Hers’ brother brand Hims, which specializes in men’s health and wellness. Like Hers, Hims’ website provides its patients with the opportunity to schedule a consultation via web or phone with a certified medical professional who, upon diagnosis, is able to prescribe medications like Viagra which is used to treat erectile dysfunction. Telemedicine is quite common among the male population who often feel embarrassed by health concerns because, again, this can all be done discreetly from the privacy of your home.

Whether you’re living in a rural area with little to no access to medical treatment, or are someone with mobility issues, without insurance, or just a person who prefers to keep their medical transactions as private as possible, telemedicine may be worth investigating further. When it comes to your healthcare, it’s essential to be your own advocate. That said, regardless of whether you see a doctor in person or speak with them via telephone, texting app, or Facetime, it’s important to voice all of your concerns in order to receive the proper diagnosis as well as a treatment plan that is right for you.