Comparison Between Buying An Apartment Or Renting An Apartment In Downtown

Renting An Apartment In Downtown

Having a house in Dubai like cities can change your lifestyle, way of doing business, way of driving, and many other things. You can try to stop the environment change you but it’s not possible. You will see yourself a part of the community at the end. So, will you like the change or will you like to only try out the expected changes that are a potential threat to your being? It’s a very tough question. You need to decide yourself. Based on the theories coming from various people living in Dubai, the comparison between buying or renting will go for a competition here. Lets’ see if it’s worth it or not.

Renting In Downtown

While downtown is the busiest and craziest area of the city, people have fun living here. But do they really love the place to the extent or they only want the fun for a time being? Mostly renting a place in Downtown is costly and very heavy to afford as well. There are apartments with single rooms or studios, which have lower prices but they are located somewhere back side of the area. Renting in Downtown will cost a person their half month’s salary which is too high and the extra expenses of the area are also a challenge.

People cannot ask banks to borrow the money for renting a place. They have to earn to pay for all the bills and rents. A place like Downtown has an above average lifestyle which makes you a part of it too. Not everyone can stay in Downtown on rents.

Buying In Downtown

The properties that are so much expensive to rent, should they be easily acquirable? Well, no they are not. The prices vary in Downtown’s property. To buy apartments in Downtown, one should be able to have a lot of money in his bank account. Speaking of which, banks help a lot buying a property in Dubai for locals and expats both. They offer a very low-interest-rate from 3 Dhm to 5 Dhm based on some specific factors.

The property values can be high but banks ask for a very affordable piece from your monthly income so that you can enjoy the living. If you buy a property anywhere in Dubai, you also become able to be a certified citizen of the city and relish many benefits.