Top 3 Trends That Will Have an Impact On Software Testing In 2019

Software Testing

Business owners continue to meet the current digital transformation challenges from time to time. Not only have the product releases been reduced from months to weeks and days, but the quality standards have also increased. One of the most revolutionary trends of this era is the software testing tools in the software development process. Any software testing company is always excited by the upcoming trends in software testing. A company can enhance their digital excellence by paying attention to the top trends for any upcoming year.

Let’s have a look at the top three trends will have an impact on software testing in 2019:

1. Increasing Test Automation Efforts

With the advent of Agile and DevOps environments, development teams need to adjust their testing strategies. Automation testing is replacing manual testing procedures to cut down the costs and increase productivity. Recent research on test automation states that ‘44% of organizations will automate their testing processes in 2019’. As a result of these automation efforts, testers will be able to complete faster testing cycles, improve test coverage and continue to automate testing tasks. Investing in automation means that organizations will be spending a fortune in reducing the manual efforts in repetitive testing processes, thus saving time, money and efforts. The development teams work with a combination of manual and automation testing, to achieve quality products.

2. Shift Testing Left

The best solution to improving software testing is to conduct testing in the early stages of the software development process, which is known as shifting left. Instead of conducting software testing after the application development, testers provide feedback about its performance at an earlier stage. It is more likely that developers and testers will come up with solutions to resolve any issues in the application before launching it into the market. Thus, it proves to be saving time and money for the organization.

3. Software Quality

Quality is a key to success especially in the digital world, with agile environments. There is a lot of technical work involved in app development, but the sole purpose of testing is to ensure that quality products are delivered. Developers and testers devise testing strategies to ensure software quality is achieved at any cost. It is important to keep in view that software quality and timely delivery of applications is challenging because of the growing digital needs. Thus, with the help of these latest trends, software testers use their skills and experience to achieve their goals.


A software testing company not only invests in test automation but works closely with their manual testers to achieve customer satisfaction. These transformational changes in the testing environment are a blessing for testers and developers to help them achieve realistic goals. These top trends are leading software testing to a whole different level of excellence and opening new doors to using the latest testing tools. Testers rely on modern testing tools to achieve their purpose and attain customer satisfaction.