Westlake is a Top Spot for Business Travelers

Business traveling is not like a vacation getaway. It needs to be perfect. It requires you to be meticulous about every detail. More importantly, you should find the right materials, right location, and arrange the most comfortable and workable time and situation for your meetings or work when you’re on the road.

What Should You Prepare in Advance?

You only have one chance to impress or ensure that your business partner continues to trust you and the company you represent. For you to do that, you need to prepare long before the actual business meeting. The following are some of the things to lock down well in advance when planning for a business trip:

Place – business clients are easily impressed if they see that you planned well in advance. While most business transactions are done inside the office, there are instances where you need to take out your business partner. A thoughtful reservation at a great restaurant will surely impress.

Schedule – business people value time like they value the return of investment. It is best to have aligned your schedules way before the business meeting. Doing such will both save you time and effort. It will also ensure that you both clearly understood each other.

Communication – this is one of the most important things in business travel. Given that you’ll be out of the office, there is a vital need to arrange ways to keep connected while on the go. Business hotels mostly offer free Internet access, but you may not have access everywhere; be sure to bring a Wi-Fi hotspot! Additionally, if you are traveling out of the country, you need to prepare and ensure that your mobile devices are capable of working in your destination.

Business Hotels: A Must for Business people

Luxurious hotels offer the most high-end experience for any of their guests. However, business travelers understand that luxury is not the only game in town. Based on our experience, the best accommodation for this kind of trip are those that offer the most for business people specifically. But, how do business-oriented hotels differ from other hotels?

First, these hotels are experienced in catering to the needs of business travelers. They have amenities and services specifically patterned to the needs and wants of business people: printers, areas to work, certain concierge services, and meeting spaces. Second, they are mostly located in convenient spots. Hotels of this kind are located near all the important venues for business people. Lastly, the staff at these hotels understand business travelers. Given that business people are their main consumers, they are equipped to do their best in catering to your unique business-related needs.

If you are in the Malibu/Westlake Village area, the Hyatt Regency Westlake is a popular option among hotels near Malibu. The Hyatt Regency Westlake combines a relaxed atmosphere with amenities essential for business people. It is strategically placed within the most scenic spots in the area, as well as in good proximity to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and other business venues. The hotel has several on-site restaurants, meeting facilities, and room service perfect for business travelers. It also offers the signature Hyatt StayFit gyms, patio bar, and venues ideal for business conventions and meetings. Just take a look at their website and you will see why this is such a popular choice.

Some other good options for business travelers include the Westlake Village Inn and Four Seasons Hotel Westlake. Both are located a bit further from the action but have good amenities like good on-site dining options and free Wi-Fi.