What to Look for When Renting Office Space

A major part of running a small or even a large business is renting office space. This, however, can be a place where business owners aren’t as discerning as they should be. While you want to cut costs where you can, being a bit choosy on certain elements of a rental space can actually increase productivity and help your business. Here are just a few elements to look for in a quality office space.

Proper Insulation

Good insulation in an office building will keep heat inside during the cold months and help air move more freely in hotter months. While you cannot see insulation, you will be able to see the benefits it provides to you and your employees. The right temperatures for the weather can help make your office a more productive, efficient environment. Working insulation can also keep your heating and cooling costs down by preventing conditioned air from escaping the premises. On top of it all, proper insulation is essential in keeping out pests, as well. To avoid costs in productivity and pest control, ensure that you choose a building that is properly insulated.

Consider the Location

The physical location of your office space can be an important factor for both personal and professional reasons. Both clients and workers may appreciate that the space is nearby to some restaurants for coffee shops, for example. If you often hire college students, consider getting a building close to a local campus. One of the greatest factors influencing where students apply to work is how conveniently located a business is. You can also get more applicants by getting a building located near public transportation. Whatever your priorities are for your business, you’ll want to make sure that your business location aligns with them.

Electrical Systems

The available electrical systems that your office space has is crucial to your day to day functioning as a company. Workstations need computers, monitors, phones, and other devices that all require outlets. When looking at buildings, you’ll want a place that has lots of outlets and a very robust electrical system. If there aren’t enough outlets available, then you’ll need to hire a commercial electrician later down the line to install more and to ensure that your electrical system can handle the increased load.


While fluorescent lights are cheaper in some ways, buying a building that is completely lit with these harsh bulbs can actually decrease your employees’ productivity later down the line. Bright, direct light like fluorescents often trigger migraines in those who have to work with them shining within their line of vision. Instead, look for places that incorporate softer, more ambient lighting. Utilizing natural lighting with large windows can also help improve the mood of your employees and is more cost-effective.

Renting office space can be difficult when you don’t want to turn down what at first seems like a decent workspace. However, make sure that you have the needs of your business and employees in mind when looking at your options. Consider these tips as a starting point to ensure you are discerning in your choice in both building and location.