How to Make Your Apartment Tour Appealing to Tenants

You have an apartment available and want to find the best tenants possible. They should be polite, responsible, and considerate to neighbors. However, the right tenants need to find the right apartment. The apartment tour can be the moment of truth for whether or not someone wants to go forward with the process. This is how to make your apartment tour appealing to tenants.

Clean Up

If the apartment you’re showing is currently occupied, you need to inform the existing tenants about the upcoming tour and make sure that they spruce things up accordingly. Should it be unoccupied, you need to make sure it’s in a presentable condition. There should be no construction gear lying around, and it should be swept, mopped, vacuumed, or whatever else it takes to get rid of dust and dirt. When people come to see the apartment, they should feel like this is where they belong.

Online Tour Scheduler

Convenience can make a big difference for whether tenants want to sign for your apartment. An online tour scheduler can impress potential tenants by how easy it can make to line up a visit. Work with your web developer to create a tour scheduler that’s easy to use and access. This can make the process of setting up appointments so much easier for everyone involved.


A fresh coat of paint on an apartment’s walls brighten things up in more way than one. You don’t have to paint a mural or anything. It can just be an appealing color that refreshes the walls and makes the whole apartment come back to life. Work with your maintenance crew or another team of painters to give vacant apartments some more zest with fresh coats of paint.

Highlight Location

The desirability of an apartment isn’t just about what’s inside the apartment. It’s also about what’s on the outside. To help sell the apartment to tenants, highlight the location. Talk about the great restaurants, decorative paving and shopping around the neighborhood. You want the tenant to feel at home when they move to this apartment. By showing them the best of the neighborhood, you can better convince them to sign for the apartment.

People touring an apartment don’t expect perfection. But they do expect evidence that the property manager is keeping things in check and that they’ll be able to live comfortably. Before you schedule an apartment tour, make sure that everything is in order and that potential tenants will feel excited about the idea of moving in.