Spa and Pool Business Software Solutions to Improve Operational Efficiency

Does your pool and spa business have all the resources it needs to be competitive, perform at its best, grow and become profitable? Have they grown within your current system? Today, the key to improving the operational efficiency of your business is optimization and consolidation.

An integrated software system will allow your company to everything mentioned above. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of having a good relationship between the customers and the management, the route optimization, and tracking your customers.

Then we will look at innovative solutions that are designed specifically for the pool and spa industry and how this software and tools can help your business grow and improve. You can also find more information here, about software that can help the spa and pool business.

Service route and delivery optimization

Believe it or not, a lot of business schedule service calls and deliveries are based on the next available time or date. The “first come, first serve” method looks like an excellent way to attract customers and satisfy their needs, but it is very inefficient for both the customers and the company’s employees and owners.

You need to consider this: Business owners schedule the delivery as well as installation for 12:00 pm and do a service call at 3:00 Pm. The time difference going from one location to another is 30 minutes. The installation will take longer than expected, making the installers late for the service call.

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The company will end up rescheduling their service calls for the day. In this scenario, you have lost a considerable amount of time and money, not only to you but also to your customers. Using route optimization software, businesses can schedule important appointments according to the time necessary to complete the job and the proximity of the location. Listed below are some of the benefits of route and delivery software solutions:

Real-time visibility: It will let you know where are the staff and the products if they are running on schedule.

Route management: Let the businesses optimize the service call and delivery routes for efficient customer service.

Customer communication: Allows the customers to track down the delivery and services, as well as receive updates in real-time.

Access to analytics: Track down delivery and service data as well as monitor the installer and driver performance so you can make improvements in the overall route management.

Recordkeeping: Paperless organization and storage for easier access to delivery and service records.

The relationship between customers and the management

Establishing a strong relationship with the customers is what makes them keep coming back to your business to buy or avail your products and services. It is a continuous process that will require companies to continually analyze their interactions with both potential, current, and even former customers.

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Customer relation management goes taking down the critical information of each client and following up with phone calls and emails. It’s a time-consuming but essential process on the sales floor. Customer relationship management software will make it easier to increase the company’s customer retention power and increase profits. Using the right and effective CRM software can have a lot of benefits to your business when it comes to organization, optimization, and customer knowledge.


Companies can meet customer needs using automatic notification of maintenance reminders, discount offers, warranty renewals, special sales, service appointments, and events. It allows businesses to streamline customer interaction process and marketing campaigns to increase customer satisfaction.

Customer knowledge

It provides a complete picture of sales by tracking who your customers are, how to meet your customer’s needs and why they buy or use your products and services. It lets you assess where your customers are coming from, and effectively consolidate close sales and leads.

Customer tracking

Tracking your customer can be very simple. It is just like counting the number of customers who enter your store. But it is as difficult as tracking the number of customers visiting a specific lane or section of your store, along with what items they purchase and how much time they spend in a particular lane or section.

People counter will allow businesses to track down the movement of their customers inside the store. The information from this door and people counters can help you optimize the layout of your store, plan effective staffing and evaluate how many hours your store needs to operate.

Not only that, but it will also allow the company to determine how long their customers are in the stores and whether they are getting the right staff attention. It can even compare customer traffic across different store locations.

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It offers analysis on the company’s data to track customer information as well as demographics, better and to help focus on their sales efforts. It can also help shops to afford a means to monitor, receive, and issue bills and invoices a lot better.

A lot of different sensors have different levels of data capture, ranging from simple tracking to knowing the difference between a stationary and shelf shopper to distinguishing between a moving person and a moving cart. Most sensors have at least 98% accuracy in the data they are capturing.

The best place to start researching people and door counting technology is on this site which can give an excellent run-down on the type of people or door counters that are available and how they work. There is software that can help pool and spa business like Snorkel Software, RB Retail and Service Solutions, and Evosus.

Keep in mind that the cost of the software solutions differs depending on the features they are offering. You can also buy stand-alone software solutions for CRM and route optimization. Tracking solutions for customer foot-traffic are usually stand-alone products. In most cases, when you are ready to bring your business to the next level towards more efficient operations, these software solutions are worth a closer look.