Self-Storage Units – How to Attract Prospective Customers

Self storage units are the mainstay of any self storage business. You need to have storing units that offer features that are suitable for all kinds of customers. It does not matter whether you are starting a storing business for the first time, are expanding your business, or are renovating an existing one. What you need is a self storage building with all the features and offerings that provide a one stop storing solution to your customers.

What To Offer

Any self storage business needs to cater to all the storing requirements of its customers. Though most of the facilities have self storage near me, it requires more than only offering to store household furnishings including furniture.

Many storing facilities also offer services to customers to park their cars on a daily basis. With people living in apartments, parking space may be a problem. Renting private garages is expensive and parking space in storing facilities is an inexpensive alternative.

To attract a larger customer base you can also consider offering space for people to park their boats, RVs, and yachts. People that want to locate a convenient storing facility will prefer facilities that offer parking spaces along with self storage units.

It does not matter whether your self storage building is made of concrete, cement, or steel. What you need to do is offer a clean facility that is well maintained. The roofs must be leak proof, gutters unclogged, and walls painted freshly.

Offer a variety of sizes in storing units. Most people use storing facilities to store a few household items. However, some also store all the furnishings of their 3-, 4-, or 5-bedroom homes. Most storing facilities have small 5′ x 5′ units that can conveniently store around 36 standard sized cardboard boxes. Others offer units of varying sizes, with the larger ones measuring 10’x 20′ or 10′ x 30′ or more. These units are large enough to accommodate all the furnishings of larger homes.

Types Of Units

Most storing units have self storage units that are safe and secure. You can use these normal units to store any personal items. There are some who also offer climate controlled units. These are temperature controlled and ideal for storing expensive possessions.

These are also ideal for furniture, musical instruments, electronic equipment, and works of art, among others.

When renovating your facility and adding more storing units you may consider installing a few climate controlled units as well.

Security Arrangements

This is a major concern of all your customers. Their possessions are precious to them, not only in monetary terms but in emotional terms as well. You need to ensure that, to increase your customer base, you have the latest in security systems installed in your facility and in your self storage units.