Is IVF Treatment Risky for Mothers? Can it Prove To Be Fatal?


The success and risk of any treatment highly depend on the surgeon performing the procedure. IVF is one of the most successful treatment options for sterility issues in couples. It is one of those treatment options that have delivered happiness to those who had lost hopes for having their child.

There is no denying of the fact that in the rarest cases of high risk and complications, the mothers have faced death, during and after the IVF treatment. However, the Best Doctors for IVF Treatment in India possess years of experience, and there is no such risk of life to parents during the procedure, here in India.

The surgeons of the country, before initiating any treatment process on the patient, first check for the eligibility criteria. If as per the diagnosis reports the surgeons are not eligible for the treatment, they will not begin with the process. The first priority of the surgeons in the country is not money, but the health and life of the patient.

Details About The IVF Surgery in India:

Before recommending IVF procedure to the patients, the doctors confirm the following health essentials in the patient:

  • Age of the patient
  • Weight of the patient (the patient should not be obese)
  • Fertility conditions in both the male and the female partner
  • The overall health of the couple.

The couple is put under medical check-up to confirm that they do not have any significant health disorder that can prove to be a risk for the patient. Some of such conditions are:

  • Organ disorders in the patient, like lung, kidney, liver or heart
  • Patients suffering from tumour or cancer
  • If the patient is HIV positive
  • To know if the patient has diabetic disorders

If the patient has any of the above diseases, the doctors do not initiate with the IVF treatment. If the disorder is curable, then they proceed with the cure of other disorders first and then again begin the diagnosis process to check if the patient is now eligible for the fertility treatment.

If other health disorders in the patients, do not have the cure, then they reject to start with the surgery on the patient. Although the risk of death in the patient is 0.02 per cent, but the IVF Specialist Doctor in India does not wish to take a chance.

They aim at providing the result-oriented treatment to the patients travelling to India across the globe. Giving false hopes to anyone and risking their life is not a part of the work ethics of the medical practitioners in India.

Final Words:

If you wish to avoid the risk or complications of the treatment, check the doctor’s profile before finalising your surgery under the doctor. In case you need suggestions for the healthcare professionals, you can approach medical tourism companies in India. They will provide you with a list of best IVF professionals with maximum success record in the country. Also, it will be possible for you to give a relief to your pocket if you avail the treatment in India, as the price of IVF treatment here is low compared to other parts of the world.