Dog Bite Attacks and Personal Injury Law

Dogs are popularly referred to as man’s best friend and are one of the most common pets found in households. This reputation does not always precede them, however, with some canines less friendly than others and prone to attack strangers without provocation. Knowing what the law says about such circumstances gives you a clear view of your options.

Dogs are wonderful companions when they have the right attitude and can be adequately trained to interact with other people safely. Owners with potentially vicious guard dogs for security purposes are required to keep them away from the public, as well as put up warning signs within their compound. There are times however when a dog may attack you, leading to a series of injuries in the process. Knowing your legal rights during such an event can help you decide on the best reaction available to you afterward.

If you have suffered a dog attack and are seeking compensation for the damage and suffering caused, hiring an established legal firm such as Shultz and Myers personal injury attorney is your best shot at success. Even in situations where the damage done is obvious thus the case does not have any reason to be prolonged, hiring an experienced professional can ensure you get the best results possible from the verdict.

It’s important to know your rights in such a scenario, so reading up on the various laws related to dog bites and attacks is recommendable. Some of the useful information you can gather when dealing with such a personal injury case includes:

When is an Owner Liable for their Dog’s Attack?

The particular circumstances that led to the dog’s attack are the first things that will be examined in a court of law to determine liability. For you to successfully sue for compensation, the injury must have occurred in a scenario where you’re not responsible for the events that took place. This means that you cannot intentionally provoke a dog into an aggressive reaction and expect to be compensated for any injuries you incur as a result.

Some of the situations where you can take such a matter to court include:

No provocation was involved – If the dog attacks you out of nowhere without you playing a role in its incitement, then you can successfully sue the owner for damages.

If you’re on public property – If the dog bite took place on public lands such as a park or playground, then this qualifies for legal action as well. The onus is always on the owner to ensure their pets are effectively contained from harming other people.

If you’re on private property legally – If you’re not on public property but have the needed permission from relevant authorities to be where you are, then a dog attack cannot be blamed on your presence.

You should note that if the dog bite or attack takes place while you’re working, then there’s a chance that you can also file for worker’s compensation as well. Talking to a qualified expert about your various options before making a final decision can help you choose the most appropriate legal route available for your needs.

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