Palermo Pizza – Best Take Away In Kolding(Denmark)

Palermo Pizza Kolding is the place where you can find the high atmosphere, positive energy and varied dishes. You can hereby save us time by standing in the kitchen for hours. If you have come home from work and are going to cook, but have forgotten to buy in on the way home from work, we can help you skip all the hard stress work over.

Palermo Pizza Kolding can offer you tasty Italian pizza with tomato sauce, cheese, oregano and much more after your choice. We have a very large and wide selection of Italian pizzas. In addition to Italian pizza, we can offer you pizzas such as our half-baked kebab, pepperoni, beef, onion, salad, dressing, chilli and garlic.



If you are happy with strong food, we can offer you our Mexican pizza as our pink containing ham, pepper, mushroom, pepperoni, chilli and garlic. If you have come home from work and you have hungry children, we can help you as we can offer you our children’s pizzas. Palermo Pizza Kolding can offer you barbecue foods such as kebab mix, nachos, falafel and more. Dürüm is also an option for us, as all dürüm are with iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion and dressing.


Additional accessories are also available here. Thus, we can offer you tasty pasta dishes such as the well-known pasta bolognese, which contains spaghetti and meat sauce. Taste one of our special sandwiches as our la palma, which contains mozzarella, parma ham, pesto and salad.


Last but not least, we can invite you to our homemade burger, which all contains 200 grams of beef steak. We warmly welcome you. We serve all our food with joy, potential and positive energy.