Trends Of Logo Designs That Can Elevate Your Brand Image!

Logo designing is not just about having the design skills. There are a good many graphic designers who do not choose to work as a logo designer because designing a logo demands so much more than designing skills. Logo designing is more of an art than a skill. It has an analytical side to it where the designer is required to understand the demand of the market and then, there is this need of an artistic solution for their demands. A logo is a representative of a brand but it has a greater scope than this. It basically is to compel the audience. Its need to exhibit that it can serve the audience with a certain solution for a certain problem.

This artistic aspect of the designing needs creativity and not just skill. This is why designers need to learn more than just skill for becoming a good logo designer. Just as designing skills can be learnt from different platforms, the art and creativity of the design can also be learnt from different outlets. All you need is focus and good observation power. There are a variety of ways that you can use for learning the art of designing good logos.

For instance, you can follow blogs that will keep you informed about every new trend in the logo industry. Also, you can visit good logo designing sites such as creative logo design agency in UK, for inspirational logo templates. Each trend in the logo industry serves a purpose and manifests a certain solution or idea. If you will become familiar with various trend in logo industry, you will be able to use appropriate design for different logo designing projects.

Illusion and the Brand’s Vision

A creative logo design improves the brand image to an extraordinary extent by attributing traits like intelligence, creativity, and originality. These traits can be a needed solution for the audience in many cases. Visual illusions are a design trend that serve well for designing a creative logo design. Visual illusions are designed to make the eyes look at a logo twice. They are memorable because they need more attention and make the viewer look longer at the logo. Visual or optical illusions can be used to convey more than one message through a logo without complicating the design.

Designs and the use of Blank Space

Space between the letters and within the design can be of a very good use if the designer is creative enough. There are many good design sites such as creative logo design agency in UK, where you can get templates of logos where the space is used effectively for strengthening a certain business concept. Blank spaces can be turned into messages by using certain designs or font styles in the logo. FedEx uses the blank space between the letters ‘E’ and ‘X’ for depicting a forward arrow. This forward arrow manifests speed that is the main characteristic of any courier company.

Overlapping of the Shapes, Colors, and Business Messages

Filling a logo with layers of ideas is not very easy. You need to be very creative in order to avoid any complications in the design. The trend of overlapping different shapes and colors in the design is one of the very effective way of creating more than one idea in the logo and give both ideas equal importance. When a designer use a combination of red and white in the logo that are overlapping, both the colors balance out each other and form a balanced brand image. Layering of ideas and concepts also make the logo interesting and memorable.

Designs with Gradient

Gradients are the design trend where a color hue is used with multiple shades that are gradually becoming intense or becoming lighter. This phenomena is a very good method for enhancing the aesthetic value of the design while filling it with conceptual meaning as well. This trend allows the designer to use colors for formulating the concepts and building an appealing visual design to compliment it.

There are various other design trends that you can observe and utilize for different purposes. New designers who are not much aware of design techniques in logo designing can benefit a lot with these design trends. They can mold different design trends according to their logo needs. Also, these design trends can be combined to form a certain brand image. For instance, gradient and overlapping of the shapes can be used for strengthening a certain message. Similarly, the use of navigation space can be combined with optical illusion to emphasize on a specific idea. A creative mind can find out many such methods for establishing their business messages through a logo design. This is why new designers should always try to enhance their creativity by being more observant towards design trends.