The Richest: Top 5 Hublot Watches Of All Time!

First, there are watches and then, there are Hublot watches. A luxury watch manufacturing company, Hublot was founded in the year 1976 by Carlo Crocco. Hublot is known for its uniquely designed and handcrafted watches which are at times unbelievably expensive. The components that the manufacturer uses in these watches is what makes them stand out in the crowd but that means not everyone is able to afford these watches and they are targeted at a very specific type of consumers. Here are some top Hublot luxury watches ever with their prices, which will cost you more than any lavish apartment around the world.

Hublot Black Caviar Bang:

Just as the name suggests, Hublot Black Caviar Bang is as expensive as the caviar itself. Recognized as the best watch in the Grand Prix de Geneve of 2009, the Black Caviar Bang is a real marvel. Manufactured from 18 karats white gold, the watch lacks the numbers on its display but it has a design that looks like a world map. The case, clasp and crown dial are made with baguette-cut black diamonds, part of the 544 diamonds that weigh 34.5 karats lain into the watch.

Price: Rs.7.33 crore (approx.)

Hublot Bigger Bang:

A watch that left a definitive mark in the watchmaking industry and in people’s wallet who bought this watch, Hublot Bigger Bang was the very first watch to have a column wheel chronograph. It features a Flying Tourbillon that measures 13 and ¼ lines that is housed in a diameter cage without ball bearings that measures 13 millimetres and raised 2.8 millimetres above the base of the bottom plate. The chronograph on this watch can be activated by the button that is on the top of the case of this watch. The watch has a stunning 262 components created and regulated, has a power reserve that can last for five days and is encrusted with 33 rubies.

Price: Rs.1.90 crore (approx.)

Hublot Masterpiece MP-02:

Hublot Masterpiece MP-02 is a uniquely different watch, not just in looks but also in its functionality. The watch features three different settings and comes with a futuristic style that is designed with titanium and black rubber. The dial can be set to “slow” where an hour is shown as a quarter of an hour on the watch. The “normal” will tell the time accurately. The third speed up time by interpreting each actual quarter hour as one hour on the watch. The practical application is actually limited but the watch is really a showcase of the complicated movement that Hublot is capable of creating. It is made of titanium and the strap, while it retains the black rubber material, sports a futuristic look. Power reserve can last up to four hours.

Price: Rs.2.23 crore (approx.)

Hublot Bigger Bang Diamond Tourbillon Limited Edition:

Hublot Bigger Bang Diamond Tourbillon is a rare and exclusive timepiece because only 18 pieces of this watch were ever made. It features a beautiful blend of the company’s classic elements and innovative designs. The watch comes with a bezel set with a chronograph that is controlled through a push button over the crown, 212 diamonds engraved in the case, and forty-eight baguette diamonds making it a limited edition.

Price: Rs.2.12 crore (approx.)

The Hublot:

It is rightly said that the designing and assembling of a watch of this repertoire is nearly impossible. It is because the components used in this watch are in limited supply in the world, overall and it is not at all possible to make this watch in greater quantities, therefore, its availability is extremely limited. It is encrusted with 1,200 diamonds weighing 140 carats in all. These include six stones that each weigh at least three carats. The company assigned 17 people to the project and it took them 14 months to finish creating the watch. The Hublot is not the most expensive watch in the world, but it surely is among the most expensive watches in the world. American superstar Beyoncé Knowles has purchased it as a gift to her husband, Jay-Z.

Price: Rs.36.65 crore (approx.)


These dreamy watches by Hublot are every watch collector’s desire but only a limited number of people on earth can afford these expensive beauties. Hublot has set a new standard by incorporating the very first natural rubber straps on a watch in history. These small and expensive things make Hublot watches uniquely different.