Skilled 189 Visa Australia: Fastest Way to Get Australian PR

The idea of coming to live in Australia has been around for a long time but every time you take a look on the internet you go crazy with so much information and you do not get a clear idea. Not more, with this article, you will be very clear what you have to do to come and get Skilled Migration 189 in Australia. Everything depends mainly on your main objective, to do tourism, work or study since the first thing you will need is to apply for a visa depending on the time you want to spend in Australia and what you are going to do here.

How is the situation now?

Australia is thriving when it comes to immigrants. Anyone not eligible for a permanent residency visa by marrying an Australian must first prove their worth to the country. Before you can even apply for a visa for skilled workers, the following questions should be clarified

Occupational Recognition – Is your job on the list of required occupations?

Knowledge of English – the proof must be provided before applying for 189 Skilled Visa.

In addition, applicants must meet the following conditions, at the time of application younger than 45 years, no serious illness or criminal history and work experience in a required occupation. With this precautionary measure, the state wants to prevent foreigners from claiming social benefits.

Duration of the Permanent Residency Visa

The first step is to clarify whether your professional qualification is needed in Australia at all. On the website of the Australian immigration office, the Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List and the Short-term Skilled Occupation List show which professions are in demand in Australia. Australia is currently implementing a visa regime which is into force in March 2018. The professional lists provide information about how many points you get for your job. The Immigration Department assesses applicants for a points system. Professional qualifications, language skills and health status are indicated in points.

The Australian points system

The total number of points determines whether a visa application is granted. If the scores for your job are low you can look up related jobs. There may be more points for it. It is also advisable to as professional help from Migration Consultant Adelaide which describes individual job descriptions in detail. Points are available for,

  • Occupation up to 60 points
  • Age up to 30 points
  • Knowledge of English 15 to 25 points
  • Work experience up to 10 points
  • Bonus points 5 points
  • Profession of the partner 5 points
  • Sponsorship 10 or 25 points


English language skills can be tested in an IELTS test

Before applying for a Visa Subclass 189, you must also have your English proficiency checked in an IELTS test. There are various centres for this purpose. However, you can take the test in any qualified centre around the world. The level of your English language skills depends on your job. If you practice a medical profession, you have to speak almost perfect English. Craftsmen should be able to communicate well.

All documents must be submitted to the Australian authorities in English for 189 Visa Australia. Vocational certificates and evidence must be translated by a qualified translator. Before you hire a translator, you should ask the necessary interpretation of the interpreter at the authority. This saves the costs of an English-speaking notary.

Expression of Interest

Before you can apply for a visa, you must submit the EOI. Since 2012, this is done online on the website. With the EOI you submit proof of your professional qualification and your English language skills. Then it will be checked if your profession is recognized and how many points you will receive. If you qualify for a professional visa, you will be invited to submit the actual visa application. Now it is time to complete a health test. The application is addressed to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship in Adelaide. And then it’s time to practice patience. The processing time is at least twelve months. You can take necessary help from the Australian Immigration Adelaide.

Conclusion: Permanent Residency Visa: entitled to benefits

If you get your visa, you can jump into the air. Not only does this visa apply to you, but it also allows your partner and children to receive a permanent residency visa. However, everyone has to prove their English skills in an IELTS test. As soon as you arrive in Australia, the qualified visa guarantees you the following benefits,

  • Health insurance for the entire family
  • Free choice of workplace
  • Free school visit

With these regulations, the ever-popular emigration country makes it clear that the road to “down under” is rocky but you are welcome to be welcomed if you prove to be qualified. Wish you a happy journey.