Carrying people and parcels across the lands for hundreds of years

For years we as humans have used animals as a way of carrying both people and items to various locations and across a number of different landscapes in different climates and temperatures. Mules and donkeys are one such animal. For years you saw them giving rides to children on the mud and sandy beaches across the UK and they were also used as a way to carry items in a number of different countries. They are still used in some countries but more so now as animals to enjoy in the natural environment rather than working animals as we now have the services of companies like who are the Same day courier Slough business.

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A mule is, in fact, a cross between a female horse and a male donkey(also known as a jack) they are often mistaken for either a donkey or a horse.  Here are some interesting facts about these animals:

  • As well as the female horse and male donkey breed known as a mule there is also a female donkey and male horse breed known as a hinny. The male of the mule breed is called a john and the female is known as a molly. It is hard to create mules from existing mules as they tend to be around 99.9 percent sterile.
  • There is not only a difference in the appearance of horses, mules and donkey but there is also a difference their genetic makeup with horses having 64 chromosomes, donkey 62 and mules and hinnies have 63 chromosomes each.
  • Mules much like donkeys and horses can kick out in any direction if they feel threatened or frightened or if they are angry and so you need to be aware of the mood of these animals when walking near them.
  • There are some famous Americas who are said to have ridden mules including Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill Cody and Ronald Reagan and Harry Truman.
  • Mules are still used in the military and have been used to serve in missions in place such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • In the past in places like Spain mules were deemed to be incredibly valuable and the Spanish nobles passed a ruling that none of the animals could be exported without prior permissions from the King.

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Have you ever ridden on a donkey or a mule perhaps on a beach somewhere?