A view from the Death Star

I’ve always wondered what the Imperial naming committee was thinking when the Emperor got them around the table in the Senate and ordered them to come up with a name for this big swanky battle station, the size as we now all know of a small moon. Commander Krennic the Director of the advanced weapons research facility that comes up with the Death Star certainly wasn’t involved as his big thing when he tries to sell the idea to Galen Erso is that it will bring peace to the galaxy. Perhaps it was because he’s also a bit of a nutcase that they thought he shouldn’t be involved. One thing that the Death Star should have had is a few more windows in it and if the Empire had just consulted Windows Dublin company https://www.keanewindows.ie/windows-dublin then they might have found a few affordable alternatives. This would have given all the Stormtroopers a much better view than the rather boring samey corridors.

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You can imagine the problems that the naming committee must have had. First of all there is a bit of a Public relations thing going on with the whole project once people find out that rather than being something that can zoom about the galaxy with a rapid response team of Stormtroopers it can also destroy any planet it’s Commander in chief Grand Moff Tarkin takes a fancy to blow up, or at least turn into a complete wasteland. You can imagine that due to its destructive power finding a positive spin on it might have been tricky. Perhaps it went like this.

“Ok, so it’s got about 1.7 million military personnel on plus about four hundred thousand droids. Plenty of TIE fighters, lasers cannon and tubro plus the great big Superlaser thing that gives out the power of a weeks’ worth of Sun in one go. Any ideas?”

“The Peace Star, how about that?” said someone who was hoping to get in with Commander Krennic. He was a guy on the up after making this thing.

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“The big Grey bad boy?” said another. “Well, it needs a nickname surely”.

“The Emperor’s Folly?”  Said a third only to be greeted by frantic shushing’s and shudup, he’ll hear yours. There was no telling where the Emperor was at any time.

“Let’s have another look at the plans again perhaps we can come up with something from that. Hum, that’s odd, anyone else sees this exhaust port bit here? It looks a bit exposed, doesn’t it? It goes right down into the main reactor too. A lot of death if that goes up. It would like a Star for about five seconds if it went bang. Wait a minute, Death, Star. Lads! I think I’ve cracked it…”.

And the rest is history.