Villa And Romantic Night Wedding Packages

It is the dream of every couple or rather bride around the globe to have and experience the perfect wedding. The ideal wedding involves and entails having your friends, family members and loved ones around to celebrate your big day. But most importantly the location of the wedding will determine the perfect wedding. For instance, picture a wedding in Bali. Seven agency, a member of the Bali wedding association, will ensure that couples enjoy and have a memorable perfect wedding in Bali. They offer the widest choice of available wedding venues and locations.  They also offer all-inclusive packages with photographers and makeup included. They offer a variety of wedding packages and ceremonies for couples to choose from. This article will dwell on the top two packages that are selected by most brides.

Villa wedding

Bali is famous among most brides and is the most preferred wedding destination in the globe. It is the home to the magnificent and luxurious villas located in different places and regions around the island. With the numerous villas, the bride and the bridegroom will have a tone of options to choose which villa their marriage will take place. The villa wedding packages currently offered by seven agency include.

  • All white setup
  • Vintage
  • Bohemian
  • Rustic style

There are villas located in the sandy beaches bordering the deep blue ocean, the edge of ocean cliffs, the deep jungle, the sacred lake, and so much more other options. Villa weddings are very advantageous.

Most importantly the wedding becomes private, and only the people you invite will attend. Villas gives you an astonishing scenery view of the island. The villa wedding package ensures that couples get to enjoy a swim in the private outdoor pools and a honeymoon suite is always just for the two newlyweds.

Apart from the couples, the guests will not have to worry about their accommodation. They will have a place to sleep after the wedding ceremony. Under this package, brides and their guest should expect quality services from the huge in-house team of wedding butlers and a master chef to cook dinner at the villa.

In this package, standard air-conditioned transport is included. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the standard transportation you can upgrade to a retro vehicle such as a Mercedes Benz or you can use police transport which is useful in avoiding traffic jams.

Romantic night wedding

The wedding will entail having a romantic night in one of the luxury villas in Bali. It will also comprise of a romantic dinner for the couple. When you choose this package, you will enjoy a private pool or even a private Jacuzzi, and you will also get to enjoy a breakfast made by a 5-star chef.  For a romantic night, you will have the option to choose and select from the listed villas like the edge, Sanctus, waka gangga and many more. The villas can accommodate up to twelve people, so the brides can invite their loved ones to enjoy and share their big day. You will get to enjoy western amenities such as WI-FI while still in Bali. This wedding package will offer and ensure that the brides enjoy traditional entertainment like barong dancing, not to forget that you will enjoy the local delicacies together with your guest. Seven Agency will prepare a romantic setting by making the necessary decorations.