Elements Of A Good Custom Flag Design

There are not many companies that pay attention to custom flags. For them, it is just a necessity due to the old age marketing methods. However, the truth is that there are numerous benefits of good flag signs and the ones that you simply cannot deny. For instance, they are great for people who daily come intact with the surroundings of your business, helping you in making an impact and influence. Moreover, they are informative and guide people about your company, making your presence notable and telling them that you are working here.

But the benefits would only accompany if you have a good flag design and the following are certain elements that you should not overlook.


Start off with logo as it is one of the most important elements and what has to be there on everything that belongs to a particular business. Whether it is your business cards, letter pad, custom packaging, or the flags that you are looking to acquire, the logo is an essential part of a business. Therefore, the flag must contain the logo and it should be big enough so that a person can see it from a decent distance. Make sure that it is not distorted when it gets printed.


Usually, businesses have a particular color scheme that they use on all their items. Whether we talk about their packaging, their cards, or their logo, a certain color becomes representative of a company. And it generally goes with the mood and working of the business. However, for flags, individuals may opt for the colors that are vibrant and can be spotted from a distance. Also, if you are placing them in an event or on a certain location, you can consider the color theme of the event and match the design of your flag accordingly.


Usually, the flag signs come with some text which can simply be the name of a business or a particular message. Whatever it is, the font you use would play a crucial role. Many people go with the fancy options, overlooking the fact that it is better to keep things simple. When you go with plain and simple fonts, although there are many great options available in this category too, you are making your flag easily readable. People won’t have to strain their eyes to read the flag and details written on it. But if you use the fancy ones, you will make it hard for individual to read and they are likely to just go past it.


There are times when you want a particular message to be written on the flag. Usually, in events, people want to accompany the logo and company name with a promotional message and rightfully so because it is an advertisement for your business. But whatever you are going to get written on it, make sure that the message is short. If you go for lengthy text, you will have to keep font small which makes it hard to comprehend and people who are just going past it won’t have enough time to read the complete message.

Final words

The above are certain features you must consider when choosing flag signs. The better your design is the more impactful your custom flags will become.