An introduction to spray booth filters

Choosing the most appropriate filter for your booth can be a difficult task. The choices you make will have an impact on various aspects, including how efficiently the booth works, along with the quality of the product. Other factors to take into consideration include maintenance costs and the health and safety of technicians.

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There are two different types of filtration: air extraction and air input. One system filters the air as it leaves the booth, taking away any dust or airborne particles prior to leaving the booth. The other – air input filtration – is a system that allows for the removal of the particles before they enter the booth, with the end result being a clean spray area.

According to Banking Sector, it’s good news for suppliers as the car spray booth market is anticipated to reach its highest annual growth by 2021.

Cardboard concertina filters are a popular choice

Perhaps the most commonly used type is the cardboard concertina filter. Fitted vertically inside the booth, this filter is made up of two layers of cardboard that are folded to enable a filtration hole. The air will enter, then leave via a second hole. The cardboard concertina spray booth filters are suitable for use for paint, lacquer or varnishing processes for cars, items of furniture, or other products. They are available from stockists including

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Choosing the most appropriate filter

Other filters include the cardboard concertina Procart booth filter, the fibreglass Profibre, Propora and the Procart K. Procart B is a standard concertina style cardboard filter giving superior quality and high airflow, while a Procart HB Super is a booth filter allowing extra high filtration efficiency. Products like the Procart M2 filter have a high-efficiency filtration with a good, smooth airflow pattern. The Procart KH filter has several layers of woven paper and an added fibre layer for good filtration.

Multi-layer paper products like the Procart K and Procart KH are layers of paper that are absorbent and retain the particles, allowing the air to pass through. This type of spray booth filter comes in a roll and is still relatively new to the market.

The fibreglass filter, incorporating the Profibre and Propora, is long-established. Similar to multi-layered paper, the filter is useful when moisture is present or when unusual spaces require filling.