4 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Property Safe this Winter

You’re probably familiar with the concept of winterizing your home, but you’ll also need to take similar action with your commercial property. Your office building needs to be maintained just like your house, and your employees need to be protected just like your family. Consider the following tips for getting everyone through the winter safely.

Clean Your Gutters

Don’t let leaves and twigs build up in your rain gutters. While they might be a mild annoyance in the summer, they can turn into a legitimate danger in the winter. The cold temperatures will freeze and thaw them until they form icicles and ice dams that can cause everything from personnel injuries to structural damage on your building. The only way to prevent this is by keeping your gutters clear.

Check Your HVAC System

If anything is leaking or creaking, it’s better to get that checked sooner rather than later. You don’t want an issue with your furnace to turn into a three-month battle where everyone in the office freezes while repairmen keep trying to fix it. Take the time to address the problem now so it will be well in hand when your building’s occupants need to stay comfy and cozy inside when the temperature drops and snow starts falling.

Mind Your Floors

Speaking of snow, you’ll need some kind of floor protection plan to keep slushy puddles from causing slips and falls in your front lobby. The easiest option would be moisture-absorbent welcome mats that have traction on the bottoms to keep them from sliding around. Another possibility is anti-skid coating over your entire floor. If people continue to track in snow and ice despite your best efforts, consider marking off hazardous areas with tape and warning signs.

Protect Your Roof

A badly-maintained roof can cause a lot of problems in the winter. For example, it can let cool air slip through its cracks and ruin the nice, toasty temperature that you’ve got going in the office. It can also allow chunks of ice to melt in places that can cause water damage. You’ll need to be vigilant about roof care when the elements turn extreme, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional for commercial roofing services if you need some help.

As a property owner, you have a responsibility to maintain your building and keep it safe for anyone who lives or works inside of it. Winter will be here before you know it, so don’t delay in taking precautionary measures for the season. Get it done before the blizzards move in.