How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Mac

Files that are deleted still reside on your hard drive and can be recovered using data recovery tools. Much free data recovery software exists that helps you to recover your accidentally deleted files. This software can be used to recover deleted files on your computer. But this free software has more or less some limitations when we come to a certain point. For you, it’s better to use licensed versions of tools. EaseUS is one such tool to recover lost data.

EaseUS is professional data recovery software is the best data recovery software for small business and professional firms with a user-friendly interface. It is used to recover the accidentally deleted files. It can also work with drives that no longer respond. It has a simple design without any unnecessary steps that save the time of a user. It is used for both MAC and Windows.

EaseUS data recovery software comes with two plans:

  • Professional: A simple plan suitable for all data loss situations. It is priced at $89.95 with single user computer for one computer.
  • Technician: Technician plan comes at $299 which can be used on unlimited computers and is mainly used by service providers.

EaseUS can be used as mac data recovery tool which can recover data from internal and external devices, memory cards, iOS devices, music players and more.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software:

  • EaseUS is a simple tool for data recovery. An IT manager or a newbie anyone can use this software with ease.
  • After the launch of the software first screen lists the hard drives available for recovery with a button to start the scan. Press the button after selecting your drive to scan. There are no options like quick scan or deep scan given. The software automatically starts with the quick scan and if no files are found it will start the deep scan.
  • If you want to scan for only video files you can choose that option and leave the email, document files etc unchecked.
  • EaseUS keeps the original file structure as it is while restoring multiple files at once.
  • EaseUS automatically tries to recall all your files without choosing any type of scan. Thus users can’t get much control over the scanning process.
  • The most important feature of this is remote access network. A computer located to the office’s network can be scanned and recovered from a remote location.
  • In one scenario suppose you have completely crashed computer and you want to recover files from it. Here EaseUS recovery software can be used from bootable media to recover your lost data.
  • It’s easy to browse through the deleted files by file -type and by the year and month that the data was removed.
  • The resulted scan can be backed up and then restored in future to recover deleted files without rescanning the entire drive.

Also, there is search software that lets you search through results of a scan to find a file by its name or extension.


  • No confusion as the interface is simple
  • Preview files before recovering them
  • Can delete multiple files at the same time
  • The preview feature is available for video and audio files in the latest version
  • Recover video files with better quality
  • 500 MB data can be recovered free