How IV Therapy Assists With Integrative Cancer Treatment

Cancer patients are complex in regards to the medication and nutrition they require to maintain some level of homeostasis (internal balance). Usually, a specific diet or medication regimen is prescribed to them in order to maintain some level of functioning. However, there are many situations where cancer patients may not be able to tolerate certain medications or diets through conventional means. However, there is a form of integrative cancer treatment that can alleviate some of these issues. This comes in the form of IV therapy. What are the benefits to IV therapy and why would patients require this form of treatment?

What is IV Viatmin Therapy?

IV therapy is a method by which vitamins, nutrition and medication can be sent directly into the bloodstream if the patient is not able to tolerate anything orally or through other means. There are many known benefits to IV therapy, most notably its swift onset. Among its quick action, IV therapy has also shown to relieve stress, help in post-surgical recovery, provide the body with adequate fluid in cases of a deficit and increase energy levels.

The most commonly used nutrients that are in IV therapy are Vitamin C, amino acids, electrolytes and other materials that have the same consistency as your blood, such as normal saline. This form of integrative cancer treatment is important because nutrients are delivered directly to the body at the cellular level, and it goes wherever it needs to immediately.

How IV Therapy Assists with Integrative Cancer Treatment

In regards to cancer patients, an intravenous infusion of Vitamin C can be especially helpful. The studies have shown that the IV infusion of Vitamin C was sufficient to slow the progression of cancer and reduce some of the effects of chemotherapy that is hard to tolerate. Vitamin C also produces a high amount of hydrogen peroxide, and that is a known toxin that can kill cancer cells. Seeing as how Vitamin C has a short half-life (approximately 2 and a half hours) in the body, the Vitamin C is normally given at high doses to start.

Another prominent effect of the infusion of Vitamin through IV therapy seems to be the improved quality of life. This came along with fewer side effects. What’s important to note is that the Vitamin C that is given through IV infusion typically last longer than those who take the oral variety, and the difference is around 4 hours. The sustained integrative cancer treatment will especially help those with chronic conditions.

The fear that many have with IV infusions is that if there are any side effects. Seeing as how IV infusions are typically instant, there may not be enough time to respond if side effects develop. In regards to Vitamin C, very few side effects have been observed in a variety of clinical trials.

Benefits of IV Therapy

The primary benefits centered around IV therapy is centered around the ability for the patient to feel hydrated and suffer fewer nutritional deficiencies. This is where the swiftness of the intravenous therapy comes back into play. The purity and quality of IV therapies are much superior to their oral counterparts.

Cancer patients also require therapeutic levels, electrolytes, and adequate fluid to function properly. With intravenous fluids, these levels can be instantly replenished and expedite the process that would take much longer through other methods. The recovery process may be long because of the complications that come with cancer. However, with IV fluids, the process can be sped up quite a bit.

The versatility of IV fluids spans beyond cancer, because patients who have immune system deficiencies, mental health disorders and a fluid volume deficit commonly report increased energy after an infusion. IV therapy has proven to be a great solution to combatting certain diseases and chronic conditions. As new research develops and as more studies are confirmed, there is bound to be more positive news spanning the use of intravenous fluids.

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