Ford EcoSport Review

Having a vehicle is a requirement and the maintenance may feel like a headache. And if the vehicle is a four wheeler then the joy is more and the headache too. However, the fact is human being need vehicles and it’s an emergency. People are interested in vehicles and they tradition is going on for years and decades and the high demand market is the main reason for the growing business of vehicles. people love to buy a trendy car with the comforts and Ford EcoSport is the car that is very popular.

About the car

Ford is the name that every car person likes to buy and it has a reputation. The EcoSport is the four-wheeler that carries the reputation. It is one of the best in the budget and highest selling Ford cars and it comes with seven different colors – lightning blue, canyon ridge, diamond white, moondust silver, race red, absolute black, smoke grey. It is priced at around 7 to 8 lakhs INR and it offers the best value for its price.

The stunning design and build quality

Ford never compromises about the build quality and they haven’t done that here too. The EcoSport is one of the finest budget cars with a reliable build quality. Also the look and the design catch a lot of eyes because it’s trendy. The latest Ford EcoSport is the upgrade of the previous version and it’s a generation change with a new look in at the front end and it’s a bit oval shaped.

The interior design is attractive as same as the exterior design. The advancement has done on a large scale to the interior decoration by giving a premium look. It is mostly black but the cabin is a combination of black and grey. The new version is all black with silver and a little black trim. The cubby hole opening around the steering column is not convenient and the new simple inner design sometimes looks like the car of the 90s.

About the engine and the performance

EcoSport features a 1.5-litre engine with three cylinders and a displacement of around 1500 cc are suitable for the normal use. The engine is turbocharged and it gives the power of around 120 to 125 bhp and the torque is around 150 Nm. Due to the 3 cylinder engine configuration, the car may have vibrations and so it has a balancer shaft to reduce it which is a good implementation. The car is bulky and that is why it has a demand in the market. The braking systems are created with all of the safety precautions both in front and rear and there is no need to worry. EcoSport uses the anti-lock braking system or ABS technology. Talking about the performance of the car, the 3 cylinder configuration with a turbocharged engine gives you a butter smooth experience around town.

Safety precautions and other features

In one word the car is totally safe because it uses some good implementation with well-done engineering. It has a seating capacity of 5 and it has a manual transmission with 5 gears. The front and rear tires are a size of 195/35 r15 and it provides excellent ground clearance. However, you may miss the audio experience while driving it or riding on it.

Undoubtedly the Ford EcoSport offers the best value for the price segment and it is the main reason why Ford is making a lot of profit with this particular vehicle. If you want to buy it then go for it without any second thought and you won’t regret it.

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