Billion Connect attends the Mobile World Congress 2019

From February 25th to 28th, the Mobile World Congress 2019(MWC19) is held in Barcelona, Spain. Well-known companies around the world are invited to attend the MWC19, including Apple, IBM, Samsung, China Mobile, Huawei and other industry leaders. As an emerging brand of global connectivity services, Billion Connect also attends the MWC19.

The Mobile World Congress is an annual industry event initiated by the Mobile Asia Congress and has become the worldwide most influential exhibition in the field of mobile communications, hosted by the Global System Mobile Association?GSMA?. GSMA is one of the three international organizations in the world of mobile network operators. Now its members include nearly 800 mobile operators from 220 countries, plus more than 230 companies in the broader network ecosystem, including mobile phone manufacturers, software companies, equipment suppliers,  Internet companies. Also, it has companies in the fields of financial services, healthcare, media, transportation, and utilities.

The Billion Connect provides global data service and is dedicated to help travelers around the world solve data connectivity problems. At present, Billion Connect covers global network of 128+ countries and regions. Billion Connect presents its innovative products to the MWC19 – Billion Connect SIM card. Billion Connect SIM Card provides mobile data services for global travelers. Users can directly switch mobile operators in every country/region with only ONE SIM card, which greatly improves user experiences.

In terms of network resources, Billion Connect integrates data resources from global mobile operators, and has signed with multiple exclusive network operators. It directly uses local operator data resources, compared with other roaming services, it not only greatly reduces data service rates, but also services like Google Maps, Facebook etc. are not limited by the network operators. Take Japan prepaid SIM card as an example, Billion Connect uses local data resources of Softbank Japan. Testified by mobile network professionals, it is the only mobile data SIM card of Japan in the market not limited by leased bandwidth or roaming bandwidth. Billion Connect SIM card is rated as the best Prepaid Japan SIM card.

Billion Connect SIM card comes in with three-in-one SIM card. Compared to portable Wi-Fi devices, it not only saves the trouble of pickup and return every time, but also does not need to worry about problems such as recharge portable Wi-Fi devices, deduction of the deposit due to damage, loss and other reasons. Billion Connect has launched unlimited day pass data packages for many destinations. In addition, the Billion Connect SIM card can turn mobile phones worked as a mobile hotspot. Those advantages of Billion Connect SIM card have significantly surpassed portable Wi-Fi devices, and more easily adapted by users.

Billion Connect attracts lots of attention and favors from all the partners in the field and achieves great results at the Mobile World Congress 2019.

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