These Pillows Will Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep – Here’s How!

Getting a decent sleep depends upon a lot of elements, like the type of mattress, bed sheets and of course, the temperature maintained by your designer radiator. But will you be able to wander the dreamland within your mind if you don’t have the finest pillow under your head – never thought about it like that, eh?

You might think that the pillow you have under your head is the finest of all, but how many of them have you really tried and tested? Now, the good news is there are a variety of pillows to choose from, but the bad news is there are a “variety of pillows” to choose from – you get what we’re trying to say, right?

We know that by now you’ll be all worked up thinking as to how to select the right pillow, but don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Below we have made a list of different types of pillows available in the market, to help you avoid going through the nightmare of choosing one that best suits your needs So, without further ado let’s get going!

  •       Down pillow

If you are looking for the softest pillow, then there’s nothing better than choosing a down pillow. This pillow is made from a fluffy undercoat of bird; if you need help with imagining that then think of feathers without quills. A down pillow is puffy, supple and most importantly soft, giving you the much-needed comfort. The most famous among down pillows is European goose down, as it is considered as a piece of ultimate luxury.

  •       Feather pillow

Feathers are really soft and fluffy, aren’t they? Well, similarly a pillow filled with feather offers the best support and comfort while being soft at the same time. A feather pillow is made using highly curled and very small feathers. What’s more, the feathers used in this pillow are nearly as strong as carbon fibre.

  •       Sleep apnoea pillow

Are you someone who sleeps with the help of a CPAP machine? If yes, then a sleep apnoea pillow will be the perfect choice for you. This pillow is designed in such a way that it accommodates the cords and octopus tube of CPAP machine. A sleep apnoea pillow is made up of foam or polyester fibre fill. But, before you go ahead and buy this pillow, it is always better to take a trial by bringing your machine along with you and find out whether the pillow fits your needs or not.

  •       Buckwheat pillow

Are you amongst those who likes to use nature based products? If your answer was yes, then a buckwheat pillow should be your go to option. Unlike other pillows, this one is filled with husks of buckwheat seeds. Buckwheat pillow helps in relieving stiff neck and muscle pain. Also, this pillow doesn’t lose its shape unlike others under the load of your bodyweight.

  •       Microbead pillow

A microbead pillow is made up of tiny beads known as unexpanded polystyrene. This pillow provides a nice and hard support, as it is specially designed to cradle the contours of neck. Most of the travel neck pillows are made of microbeads.

  •       Memory foam pillow

You know what the best thing about this pillow is – it remembers you all night long! Since this pillow gets accustomed to your shape allowing your neck, head and shoulders to rest in a natural position, it lets you sleep within your comforts throughout the night. This pillow comes in all kinds of sizes and shapes, plus it retains its original shape after a period of time. So don’t you ever worry about your pillow getting out of shape.

  •       Body pillow

Do you like to cuddle with extra pillows while you are sleeping? Well, then this giant pillow is just what you need under your head. It provides your entire body with an unparalleled comfort. It can be placed between your legs, to help you keep your spine straight while sleeping. This pillow is extremely useful for pregnant women reliving them of lower back pain.

  •       Neck pillow

If you are someone who travels frequently and complains of not getting enough sleep, then you should really get yourself a neck pillow. It is made up with the help of a baffle intended to support and realign your upper spinal area. With such a design, your head is always properly positioned for comfortable sleep. You can use this pillow while sleeping, travelling or even when you are simply resting in a chair.

Out of all the above given pillows, we hope you find the one that suits your needs and get that good night’s sleep you crave for.