Ideas for a Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Wedding

I know several couples who have planned last-minute Valentine’s Day Weddings. Not only are Valentines Day Wedding incredibly romantic, but also it will ensure either party will never forget your wedding day. Here are some ideas for a last minute Valentine’s Day Wedding.

Get Your Marriage License

Your Valentine’s Day wedding cannot be too last minute because for it to be official, you first need to get a marriage license. The bride and groom must go together to the local clerk-recorder’s office or another place in your county that issues a marriage license. Call your county clerk’s office first. You will need to bring your identification such as driver’s license, birth certificates, and alien registration cards or passports.

Find a Minister or Justice of the Peace to Perform the Ceremony

Valentines Day may fall on any day of the week. This year it is on a Thursday. This can make it difficult to book someone to perform your wedding, but in the name of romance, a few phone calls and a little persistence will help you find someone who can perform weddings. If you get a justice of the peace to perform your wedding, it can be done is a courtroom and it will be included in the modest fee. A church may allow you to use the chapel, or you can have the ceremony performed in a home.

Plan a Simple Reception in a Church Hall, Home, or Restaurant

Unless you plan far in advance, getting a wedding reception hall will be difficult. However, a small intimate reception can easily be accomplished in the back room of a restaurant, or in a home. For a larger crowd, perhaps you can talk your church into letting you use their gathering hall.

Be Creative

Your wedding wardrobe can be traditional or you can take some creative allowances with a valentines theme. For the last minute wedding, a simple dress of the wedding clearance rack and the addition of a red sash would be great for the bride. Any wedding attendance can pull their own red dresses or skirt suits out of their closet. The groom can wear a simple black tuxedo with a red cummerbund and tie. Male attendants can wear their own black pants with red shirts.

For Decorations, Load Up on Valentine’s Days Deals

Valentines Day decoration is considerably cheaper than wedding decorations. In fact, you can get everything you need to decorate for a Valentine’s day wedding at the dollar store. For the wedding cake, you can find great cakes at your local bakery or even grocery store for less than $100.00. To add a Valentine’s touch, have the bakery sprinkle valentine hearts over the top.