How to cope up with infections when you are pregnant

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The time when a baby arrives promises to be the most exciting phase of your life. At the same time, you need to be healthy to overcome this critical phase of your life. Changes to your diet or lifestyle are something that is called for at this point in time. Just discuss with your doctor on how to adopt preventive mechanism and keep infections at bay.  There are a lot of medicines for infections during pregnancy that needs timely intervention at the earliest. Apart from the pregnancy infections medicine, you could take a series of steps to keep it at bay. Let us explore them in details

Changes to your diet or lifestyle

Do avoid unpasteurized dairy products and examples would be raw cheese. Do keep away from raw milk as well. All the dairy products are known to contain listeria a bacteria that would cause harm to the developing baby. If you are infected with these bacteria it could cause flu-like symptoms followed by muscle acne. To keep it away does not consume any dairy products that are unpasteurized.

Do not consume undercooked meat or fish

Do cook all the food till it is hot too touch in the frying pan. If you eat undercooked food there does arise strong chances of infections spreading. The chances of toxoplasmosis increases that is found in certain meat products. The moment you suspect that you have this bacteria, consult your doctor.

The same policy for eggs also applies. Do cook the eggs till they are runny opaque and firm. If traces of soil is found it could point to the occurrence of toxoplasmosis. If you cook them in a proper manner the chances of falling sick reduce completely.

  • When you are handling raw eggs it is better to wash your hands

The practice of preventive measures

The norm is that you practice regular hand washing. Your hands need to be washed properly with warm water and soap. Once you go to the bathroom or after caring for your children you would need to use this. It appears to be a great idea to wash your hands after you have given food to your animals. If you wash your hands regularly it prevents the germs or virus that does cause infections.

It would be better if you could reschedule your plan with your friends who are ill. Do avoid people who are sick as the chances of a cold passing on to you is on the higher side. In case if you need to work with someone who is sick avoid close contact with them.

It would be better on your part to receive a flu vaccine. Most times it is available during the flu season. If you avail this vaccine it prevents you from falling sick and the powerful antibodies are not passed from the mother to the baby. A point to consider is that flu shots are available for mothers during all stages of pregnancy.