Procedure To Obtain Canadian Study Visa

Canada is one of the most preferred countries preferred by the students for overseas education. The country houses reputed universities for all of the specializations and provide maximum security and freedom for the international students. Admission procedure is not easy as you apply for any of the universities or institutes within the country. It is really a good idea to get professional service from any of the overseas educational consultants to make the process easy and successful. Here is a brief detail about the procedure to get admission and Canadian study visa.

Letter of acceptance

You should first get the letter of acceptance from the recognized educational institution in Canada to move forward with the visa process. Do you have an idea about the best course to match with your career? Do you know the university or institution to provide the intended course? Do you know how to apply and the required documents to apply to get the letter of acceptance? If you answer is ‘no’, here comes the importance of student visa consultants. Yes, make the tedious job of application procedure really easy and smooth with professional service of visa consultants.

Student visa application package

The next stage after getting letter acceptance is to apply for the right type of student visa application package. Students can apply for a study visa and study and work visa depending on their interest. This is not a tedious task since this is processed at the same time of applying for a study permit to avoid any sort of rejections in the end. The consultant helps you in selecting the right visa package to assure the best experience in studies and life in Canada.


You have to give answers for few questions in CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) website about yourself to get the visa application package. It is these questions that decide your eligibility to apply online for a Canadian study permit and documents needed to submit for the same. Hence you should be confident about giving the answers. The consultants will help you prepare yourself to give the right answers without any hesitations.

Personal checklist code

You will be provided with a personal checklist code once you found to be eligible. This code is valid for 60 days and you need this to submit the application online. Take a printout of this code page since you need this code for future reference at any stage of the application. Apart from the code, the page provides the student with application guide, list of documents to be submitted, estimated tuition fees and the guidelines for the next step.

Post your applications

Once you are ready with the necessary documents as per the guide, create and MyCIC account and enter the personal checklist code. You will be provided with the personal document checklist to upload and send the necessary documents to CIC to complete the application process.

Any sort of mistakes in applying online and uploading documents can result in the rejection or reapplication process. Hence it is a good idea to depend on reputed international education consultants to accomplish the task with utmost perfection for the smooth flow of the application process.