Make Your Bali Wedding Truly Memorable With These Tips

When planning to get married, you would want to make sure that everything is perfect on your BIG DAY. From the entourage, the venue, food and to the accommodations, you do not want to be stressed out and ruin your special day. Getting married in Bali is one of the best decisions you can make when tying the knot. Saying your “I do” in this island paradise can contribute to the wedding that you are dreaming of.

A Bali wedding requires careful planning on your part. However, you do not have to plan it alone. Wedding planners like BaliWedding will work with the newlyweds to make sure that their wedding day will be memorable not only for them but also for their guests. To make sure that everything will work out well for your wedding, here are some tips for planning your special day,

Set A Realistic Budget

Whether you are getting married in Australia or Europe, you still need to have a realistic budget for the entire wedding. However, Bali wedding is more affordable than tying the knot in other destinations. Still, your budget needs to be realistic. Wedding expenses will include photography, food, venue, flowers, music, and entertainment. While a wedding in Bali is cheaper, you still need to be ready for some emergency expenses.

Villas or Hotels?

As far as accommodation is concerned, Bali has a plethora of villas and hotels where newlyweds can stay. The former will be a lot cheaper than the latter. During peak seasons, hotels can be easily booked and the prices can be higher during these periods. Villas, on the other hand, offer great value for your money and a private accommodation in an exotic location. If you have a lot of guests, most villas are large enough for a large number of people. With large villas, you can have a wedding ceremony and reception in the same place.

Catholic Weddings

If you are a practicing Catholic, it is possible to have a religious ceremony in Bali. Catholic Indonesian Church has strict rules when it comes to marriage. You need to get married inside one of their churches and nowhere else. With other Christian faiths, however, you can get married wherever you like.

Legal Documents

Bali weddings have the necessary documents and paperwork to make sure that you are aware of the necessary paperwork before you think about heading back to your home country. A wedding planner like Seven Agency will make sure that all the legal documents are taken cared of.

Beware of Cheap Wedding Packages

There are many scams about Bali weddings you need to be aware of. While they may seem legitimate, some wedding planners may offer cheap Bali wedding packages in order to get your commitment. Be careful, however, because there might be add-ons which can increase the cost of the whole package. Make sure that all costs associated with your wedding are detailed up front.

At Seven Agency, we make sure that your Bali wedding will truly be something that you will cherish and talk about even after the ceremony is over.