A Reading List for those Launching Tech Start-up Companies

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Two statements that entrepreneurs should always remember is that knowledge is power, and that staying ahead is vital when involved in a technology industry that is rapidly evolving. To help make sure that your company continues to develop and improve for years to come, here are five books which are filled with motivational tips and insightful comments from cover to cover…

Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

For a straightforward yet attention-grabbing, three-part how-to guide for tech entrepreneurs, look no further than Bold. The first section gives you an incredible insight into how start-up companies are today going from ‘initial concept’ to ‘multi-million-pounds status’ quicker than ever, and how tech — like 3D printing and androids — might be influencing this trend.

Once you reach the second section of the book, you’ll discover extraordinary comments and fascinating trade secrets from highly successful business people — including Richard Branson. Then, Bold’s finale discusses the various, actionable ways you can build your company, with tips on creating lucrative campaigns designed to rocket your start-up to the top. A must-read for the big dreamer.

How Google Works

Think of the world’s most innovative and admired companies and Google must come to mind. How did it all start though, and how has the firm stayed at the top of its game for so long?

Read How Google Works to find out. This is because Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg presents readers with an authentic view into the tech giant’s decision-making, corporate strategy, management philosophy and workplace culture. Renowned for its innovation, creativity, and ability to bounce back from errors (remember Wave?), this glimpse into the birth and evolution of Google is a must for anyone who wishes to emulate even a part of its success.

Networking Like a Pro

Don’t miss out on reading Networking Like a Pro when you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur or looking after a company that is new to a sector of business. This book will boost your knowledge of overcoming various networking hurdles that could hold you back as your company grows.

It’s vital to reach out when you’re in ownership of a new tech firm and have ambitions to expand. From making useful contacts to develop your business, to implementing an effective referral marketing campaign; Networking Like a Pro offers tools, templates and a results-measuring system to help you action your networking strategy and make valuable business connections.

The Lean Start-Up

The knowledge that you gain from reading The Lean Start-Up by Eric Ries will be great to have when you’re taking your first nervous steps into the tech sector. This book looks at how new companies can launch, adapt and grow within an industry that has a lot of competition. Offering real examples of setting up a new business, you get a great insight into how to make a success of your business and avoid the typical pitfalls.

It’s a book that is perfect for anyone who is concerned about remaining innovative once their company gathers momentum.

Your One Word

What were you doing when you were 19 years old? Evan Carmichael, the author of Your One Word, was that age when he first created and then sold his own biotech company. If you want tips on how to emulate his success, make this title the first book on your reading list.

As you work your way through the pages of Your One Word, you’ll discover how to analyse a business as a budding entrepreneur, learn how to verify the aims and ambitions you have, and ultimately unlock your full potential. If you need a boost of confidence and injection of motivation to start making your tech-business dreams come true, immerse yourself in the powerful words of Carmichael.