Lovely Places To Explore In Canada

Lovely Places To Explore In Canada

Canada is a lovely place to visit and many people love to visit this place.

If one gets a Canadian working holiday visa for Australian citizens then they can easily handle work and visiting the place at the same time. These are the places that one should not miss.

Niagara Falls, Ontario

If one is in Canada, they have to visit the Niagra Falls. It is built along the spellbinding waterfall by the same name. It is a magical experience if you get to see Niagra Falls with rainbow. Apart from visiting this gorgeous waterfall one can also spend some time in the marine land and pay some casino in the nearby resorts.

 Whistler, British Columbia

This is one of the largest ski resorts in North America and it can be the perfect winter holiday destination for you. Apart from skiing one can also go for snowshoeing here. It is a captivating snow land which one must visit. One can indulge into snowmobiling and get a glimpse of the culture of the city in the centres and art museums.

Quebec City, Quebec

This is known to be the oldest walled city of North America and is a very popular place to visit. This is said to be the most romantic place of North America as well where one can ignite the magic of romance. One can visit the historic Citadel here and then relax at the Battlefield Park and after that take a long walk at the beautiful Terrasse in Dufferin.

 St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

Popular for their jelly beaned and crayons coloured houses this is an artist’s retreat. St. John’s is like a mini San Francisco. Despite being the oldest city, the vibe of this place is as refreshing as that of any modern metro town and so it is perfect for any of the holiday plans. One can visit the Cape Spear Lighthouse here and then go for shopping at the famous Water Street.

 Tofino, Vancouver Island

If one cannot imagine a holiday where there is no beach, then Tolfino is the perfect place for them. It is a paradise for those who love waters. It is the perfect beach town of Canada and one can relax on the famous beaches like Chester man Beach and Long Beach. One can also indulge in kayaking and camping at the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

Churchill, Manitoba

This small town located on Hudson Bay definitely counts as one of the best places to visit in Canada. Known as the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill is the perfect place for travellers who would love to have a close look to the wildlife. One can go for swim and snorkelling in with the Beluga Whales here and take a Tundra buggy tour.

Old Montreal, Quebec

This place has an old charm with old buildings and horse drawn carriages and one can taste the history here. One can explore the underground city here as well.

The holiday working visa for Canada can be the perfect thing for the one to travel and work as both the purposes will be solved.