6 Natural Ways To Reduce Stretch Marks

6 Natural Ways To Reduce Stretch Marks

Stretch marks. Anyone can get them and most people have them. But how do they occur? Stretch marks are scars that are caused by the skin stretching, usually due to weight gain or growth spurts. This change in size makes the collagen and elastin in the skin rupture, creating thin reddish lines in affected areas.

Stretch marks are permanent, however, there are already many wonderful natural creams, oils and topical lotions on the market that can help to improve your skin’s condition and diminish the appearance of your stretch marks. If you would like to find some of these products visit Research and You to find out more.

There are also numerous home remedies and natural ways in which you can reduce the appearance of these scars. Let’s take a look at six of them.

Exfoliate With Sugar

Stretch marks may fade after time, as the skin regenerates and produces more collagen. However, you can help this process along by exfoliating. Sugar is widely used as a natural exfoliant which can greatly improve your skin’s health. Exfoliating helps with circulation and is a popular stretch mark home remedy.

Mix two tablespoons of sugar with a few drops of olive oil and make a paste. Apply to the affected area and massage for approximately 10 minutes, then wash it off. Continue this treatment for a minimum of 30 days for the best results.

Coffee can also be used as an alternative to sugar.

Administer Vitamin A

Vitamin A and retinol products have been successfully used to promote collagen production and the lessening of stretch marks. By increasing the level of Vitamin A in your diet by eating nutrient dense foods, taking a supplement or applying retinol products directly to your stretch marks can improve your skin’s overall look and feel.

Apply Some Oil

Coconut oil is a fantastic way to get rid of evident stretch marks and scarring. Rich in antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties, this natural substance absorbs easily into the skin – hydrating dry cells and restoring the skin’s elasticity. Nourished skin does not tear as easily. So by using oils to moisturize, you can help to diminish redness in stretch marks and prevent future damage. For the best results, make sure to apply oil to the area once a day.

There are also other types of natural and essential oils that can help you get rid of evident scarring, these include:

  • Olive oil
  • Almond oil
  • Castor oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Rosehip oil
  • Sage oil
  • Vitamin E oil

Use Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has many healing properties and can be used to soften the skin. In its purest form, it can be used as an effective home remedy for stretch marks. By regularly applying this gel, directly from the aloe plant, on the affected areas you can help your skin to speed up the healing process and diminish stretch marks.

Drink More Water

By drinking plenty of water you help to hydrate your skin – keeping it supple which helps to prevent future scarring associated with stretch marks. Water also aids in detoxifying your pores and carrying oxygen to your cells, allowing them to rejuvenate quicker. Ensure that you drink between 8 and 10 glasses of water on a daily basis to provide your system with the hydration it requires.

Get Enough Exercise

Exercise is both a preventative measure and a way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks. By strengthening the underlying muscles, under the skin, you help promote blood flow, tightening and toning the skin. This will improve the appearance of your stretch marks and lessen the chances of future scarring.

Cut Cigarettes

Nicotine breaks have a negative effect on your skin as it damages connective tissue resulting in weakening and loss of elasticity. Though not a main cause, smoking can contribute to the severity of your stretch marks.

Stretch marks are definitely not uncommon and are generally just an aesthetic issue. Luckily there are many ways to reduce the appearance of these scars if they do bother you. From topical creams to do it yourself remedies, it is easy to find a method that works for you.