3 Interesting New Businesses

If you are thinking about starting your own business soon, or are interested in investing in a business, there are plenty of new and interesting industries that you could dip your toe into. Here are three interesting new businesses that have the potential to be highly profitable both now and in the future:

Coin-operated Laundry

Laundromats are not a new concept at all, but in recent years, the laundry industry has gone through significant changes. No longer considered boring, dingy places that customers are unwillingly forced to visit once a week, today’s laundromats are comfortable, inviting and even entertaining. Doing laundry no longer feels like a punishment, but customers actually enjoy their weekly visit.

Companies like Continental Girbau help make this possible by providing highly efficient, durable and reliable equipment for vended and commercial laundry businesses. Their equipment is effective and easy to operate, which takes the frustration and stress out of doing laundry.

With the rise of laundry automation by companies like Continental Girbau, customers are free to sit back and relax while they wait for their clothes to get clean. They can grab a snack at the snack bar, play video games, or take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in the store, all of which are common extra services offered by today’s modern laundromat.

Healthy Fast Food

When people think of food trucks, they usually think of the traditional fast food that is often served by such vendors: burgers, hot dogs, fries, and tacos. However, lately, there is a recent shift towards healthier fare. Customers want healthier options with the same convenience as fast food.

Eating “clean” has become very trendy these days, and there is definitely a strong market for food trucks that serve healthy or vegetarian meals. Some vendors make a point to source their ingredients locally, partnering with local farmers, or some make sure that all the ingredients they use are organic. An “eco” food truck in Connecticut was the nation’s first vegetarian, eco-friendly food truck, running on biodiesel for fuel and serving delicious vegetarian fare.

3 Interesting New Businesses

Virtual Reality

The future has arrived with virtual reality. The industry is growing at an astonishing rate, and both hardware and software vendors are working double time to bring new virtual reality products to the market. The uses of virtual reality for business or pleasure are extensive, ranging from 3D movies and gaming to real estate marketing, training, and even meditation.

Imagine searching for a new home and being able to take a tour of a house from the comfort of your chair via an online virtual reality walkthrough? Likewise, virtual reality can make training scenarios more tangible and easier to grasp.

One rapidly growing trend is the rise of virtual reality “escape rooms” and lounges, where friends can get together to play virtual reality games or go on an adventure and solve group puzzles. The business opportunities in this industry are abundant and potentially very lucrative for that tech savvy and technologically well-versed individuals.

New businesses aren’t always successful or sustainable. Some generate a lot of buzz in the beginning but eventually fizzle out. If you’re thinking of investing in a new business, do your research, watch the trends, and make sure to choose one that can hold up in uncertain economic times and continue making money well into the future.