The Advantages of Bulk SMS Services to the Stock Broking Companies

In today’s world, information sharing in an appropriate way and on just time is the most crucial business obligation. Getting right information at a right time from the market fetches money for the business. The information should be correct and instantaneous to its user so that user can be aware of the latest update of the market. Such marketing mechanism of sending bulk SMS to the targeted customers are broadly used by the banking companies and stock broking companies. There are many companies who are excellently working as Bulk SMS Provider for Stock Brokers. Below are given some major advantages of bulk SMS services.

Notification for Market Update

The stock market is the most volatile and unpredictable area of trade. The rate of stock changesrapidly without giving any prior hint. A stockbroker plays an important role between the stock market and the client. So the stockbrokers act on behalf of the clients. And there lies the necessity to inform the clients about the market trade situation to update them every time. The stockbrokers should convey correct information, tips, and guidance to the bottom line shareholders. Thus, stock market tips via SMSare an important tool to the stockbrokers to interact with its target clients.

Notification for Trade Confirmation

It is reiterated that share market is absolutely volatile and unpredictable and that is why stockbrokers need to provide its clients every facet of share investment, options, type of shares, purchase, trading, bonds, and debentures, mutual funds, and securities. Bulk SMS service companies connect the brokers with their clients for sending the correct information at the crucial time for right decision making promptly. Notification of trade confirmation through SMS service can promptly inform the clients without the need of an internet connection. SMS for high priority transactional processes become easy and safer than ever.

Notification for Day-End Position

The leading SMS service provider companies provide an end-to-end data solution through mobile to attain the need and satisfaction to both brokers and clients as well. At the closing of the stock market operation, the SMS service provider company sends a notification stating the detail change in the stock market that occurred during the day’s transaction to aware both the clients and stockbrokers.

Uses of SMS Services in the Stock Market

  • Notifies intraday purchase and sale tips to the clients.
  • Sending stock information precisely along with the new stock introduction in the market and risk involved in it.
  • Convey market updates hourly during the transaction hours.
  • Educating the customers regarding the code of conducts, market regulations, and ideal trading practice as a value-added service.
  • Intimates the listed customers regarding the forthcoming Initial Public Offerings (IPO).