OMG, Blogging so Isn’t Writing!

4 Mistakes No New Blogger Should Ever Make

4 Mistakes No New Blogger Should Ever Make

Many people are intimidated to start their own blog. The fact is that blogging is incredibly easy, fun to do, and doesn’t require a Masters in English Literature. If you can talk and you can type then you can blog.

Blogging is about joining a conversation. It’s a big conversation and takes place across many websites but it’s really no different from talking with friends over dinner. In a conversation no one worries too much about having their grammar exactly right so long as their ideas are clearly expressed.

Good writing actually kills blogging. Perfection is the enemy here. If a blogger spends hour sifting through every line and every word she will never post her blog entries.

Blogging is swift and to the point. Because it is part of a conversation good blogging is about making a point and getting out. For beginning bloggers it is helpful to set a limit. Decide that you will post no more than 300 words per entry. This will teach you to get to the point and not labor over the details.

Blogging is about participation. Bloggers don’t just write their blog and walk away. They join the community and conversation. They post comments on other blogs and trade links with blogs they like.

A good blog is constantly updated. Daily is best; weekly is the bare minimum. This is another reason to be brief. If you start a blog because you have something to say then don’t try to say it all at once or you won’t have anything to write for your second post.

Don’t let the idea that others will read your writing stop you from blogging. No one expects or even really wants perfectly written blogs. Save that for the literature books; we’re trying to have a conversation here!