Get Your Resume Noticed

In today’s economy, many people are searching for what few jobs that are available. When applying for a job, you need to make yourself and your resume stand out from the crowd.

Searching for a job can be frustrating but so can receiving an interview. When you locate a job that interests you, read the complete add. Make note of how they want your resume (walk in, fax, mail). Be sure to keep in mind time lines and have your resume in before deadline.

When applying for a job, use an appropriate email address. Don’t use an email address that will send the wrong message. A good idea is to open an account using your first and last name. Also, address it properly.

When writing the summary of your resume, be careful not to be to self centered. Highlight what you have to offer a company. If need be, highlight past employment experiences. Keep experiences brief and to the point.

When listing your employment history, list relevant employment first. Relevant employment is any employment in the last five to ten years. Anything over ten years, can be left off the resume unless it’s relevant to the job or requested by the potential employer. Highlight responsibilities and duties on the employment history. Keep reasons for leaving or termination brief and to the point. A potential employer will ask questions and you can explain that directly at interview time. This will cut out the chances for quick judgments or misunderstandings.

Unless you just finished your education within the last five years, leave the education dates off your resume. Highlight the degree you received. Again, the potential employer may ask at interview time. However, you won’t appear to be “to old” for the job without the opportunity to shine at an interview.

If you are posting your resume online, think about keywords. Keywords will help you be indexed higher in the search engines. Also, this will help you get offers for what you’re looking for and not just anyone looking to fill a position.

No two jobs or positions are exactly the same. When looking for employment, keep in mind that you will be editing your resume to fit jobs your applying for.

Once you receive an appointment for an interview, look the part. Be dressed to start work immediately. Use proper interview etiquette, shut off your cell phone, blackberry and any other devices that might beep or ding during an interview.

Good luck and happy job hunting.