Best Promotional Materials For Advertising Your Small Business

One may think that promotional gifts are the thing of the past, especially since the modern world and its people depend on the virtual and the Internet almost entirely in their business and daily life. Still, some useful promotional gifts can definitely find their place among all the e-banners, adds and apps and they can speak to the potential clientele a lot better and in a more personal way than anything else. This is precisely what makes them special when it comes to promoting the company, products and services even now. The following ones can be said to be the most usual as well as practical promotional gifts.


Everyone needs pens even if they spend most of their time on computers. Actually, some people enjoy collecting pens and especially ones that have interesting shapes, details and patterns. Therefore, if you want to make a pen your promotional gift it really has to look unique. It can be elegant or fun and colorful – it all depends on the type of business you’re dealing with and your target audience. You might find it strange that you have to put an effort in promotional pens when most companies use ordinary pens with their logo on them, but people really appreciate creativity in simple things and this can be your trump card.

Coasters, playing cards, key rings, envelopes…

All these are cost-effective promotional gifts you won’t go wrong with. Have you thought of creative envelope printing services? All you need is to be creative and your customers will save these items for years to come. This is also a useful marketing strategy since it will make you stand out from a crowd of other brands. You will also improve the relationship with your clients and achieve a greater recall of your brand.

Reusable shopping bags

A great way to attract new customers is by giving away reusable shopping bags. For example, tote bags are extremely popular for both shopping and casual wear so if you make sure that the design of the bag can be appealing for more than only one purpose, you’re doing it right.

Promotional clothes

Hats, scarves, sweatshirts and T-shirts are usual garments for promotional clothing. If you want to use clothes as a promotional swag make sure to invest in a good material because people will value them more. In order to make great promotional T-shirts, apart from paying attention to material, make sure to include different sizes for both men and women since not many companies bother to take this step and it will make you stand out in a positive way.


Modern technology still hasn’t thought of a way to replace umbrellas. They are as needed now as they always were. Therefore, any kind of an umbrella, be it rain or sun umbrella, compact or regular one, is a good business move. Make sure that you include several color options with your logo clearly visible so that people can choose the colors that they like the best.

Water bottles

Water bottles are another useful promotional gift. People love to have something special for every occasion even when they just have to bring water with them. Drinking from a good quality reusable water bottle is a lot more fun and interesting than drinking from a regular water bottle one can buy anywhere.

There are two options when it comes to promotional gifts today. While most companies simply use their logo on promotional swag, some actually personalize the gifts for every individual receiver. Of course, the latter, even though greatly appreciated, is only possible when there’s a promotional party and a clear list of guests. Still , this can lead to one of the best marketing strategies in the business world which is word-of-mouth marketing.