Top Tips For Throwing The Best Parties Possible

Top Tips For Throwing The Best Parties Possible

Everyone loves a party. Not everyone enjoys the actual planning process. There is so much to decide, so much to shop for – food drinks, party accessories – UK DIY party planning can seem like quite a chore. But it does not have to be, especially if you shop for your party decorations UK online and you also follow some of these clever party planning tips.

Brainstorming The Theme

Choosing a theme for your party- whatever the occasion – should obviously come right at the start of your party planning process.

Choose a Party Theme That Suits the Occasion

What theme choices you have will be limited a little by the occasion or event that is to be celebrated. You can’t really plan anything too risque or controversial for a family event where kids will be present, or even for a corporate event when the bosses will be there. Keep things as non-controversial as possible and you should be fine!

Consider Colour Themes

One of the simplest party themes you can consider is a colour scheme theme. A black and white ball is very glamorous and sophisticated while red and green are the natural choices for a Christmas party. Colour scheme themes are great for fundraiser parties is the charity you are working with is associated with certain colours, which many are. Following a colour theme also offers lots of inspiration for all of the other elements you’ll need to put together, including party accessories UK for the venue, the general dress code and even the food and beverage choices.

Stick to Your Budget

Budget is also a big consideration when selecting just the right party theme. Yes, a snazzy casino night a la James Bond might be very cool, but will your budget run to everything you would need to pull it off successfully? When choosing a theme keep a realistic budget in mind and stick to it. And remember, you can make your budget go even further though by shopping for all your party accessories online (and you’ll save lots of time too)

Finding a Venue

Once you choose your party theme you have an overall idea of what the party will be. The next step is to choose a party venue. In many cases, there is an obvious choice (your house), but there are definitely other options to consider if that won’t work out.

Option 1: Your House

This is the most obvious option because you have the most control over it. You know the space, you have access to your own kitchen and refrigerator, and you don’t need to pack anything up ahead of time. Of course, if you’re worried that your place isn’t big enough, don’t have enough room for parking, or have a bunch of moving boxes sitting around, there are many other options at your disposal.

Option 2: A Friend’s House

If you have a friend or family member that has better digs than you that is either willing to co-host the party or let you take over their house for an evening, this is another option for the party location. The logistics of bringing in all of the things you need could get a little tricky, but it’s nothing that a last minute supermarket run can’t fix and some great buys at an online party supplies store will help too.

Option 3:  An Outside Venue

You also always have the option of choosing an outside venue for your party. This can either be renting a hall, choosing an activity that comes with a venue, or finding a free location for people to meet up. It all depends on budget, level of effort you want to put in, and how much space you think you’ll need. Just remember to confirm (way) ahead of time just what you are allowed to bring and what rules and regulations you and your guests might be required to follow.

Fab Party Food on a Budget

So you’ve decided to skip the catering and provide your party guests with everything they need to eat and drink yourself. But isn’t that going to be rather expensive?

The fact is that it does not have to be, not if you follow a few of these great budgeting tips:

Food and Shopping

The best way to save money on food is to make fewer dishes. Pull a number of recipes that interest you, then edit yourself. Be realistic. Think about how long the party will last and how much an average person eats. Sure, it’s good to have an overabundance of food, but not a wasteful amount. And you certainly don’t want to buy ingredients for a recipe that you end up having no time left to make.

Go to the shops with a set menu and a shopping list. And this may sound obvious, but before you go to the supermarket, check to see which ingredients you already have at home.


Even for a daytime party, buy soda in litre bottles instead of six-packs. If you offer cans guests tend to take a few sips, put down the can, and forget about it. When people have the freedom to pour their own drinks, they can take exactly the amount they want.

If you are going to be offering adult beverages don’t put any bottles of liquor out for guests. Instead, offer one or two premade cocktails and beer and wine. Tip for wine drinkers: cardboard wine boxes are fine. They even have a ‘classy’ name now; Cardboardeaux

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